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  • Time to express our displeasure in a more tangible form.

    I’m in. Who’s with me?

    P.S. don’t forget to also “skip” the video that they often try to insert in-between the buddy-selection screen and the start of the node run. I believe you can bypass it after it’s run for 7 seconds, although often they’re sneaky and they hide the button to skip it so you made need to hunt around. Usually it’s either on the top left or top right corner.

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  • Optimus_Pig

    The great thing I find about boycotting videos is that I no longer need to wait until I’m connected to Wi-Fi to play.

    It’s actually quite liberating.

    I can play on a train,
    I can play on the plane!


    It really is liberating not watching videos. We took a long vacation recently and couldn’t connect to the Internet. While I couldn’t play the videos, I could do a lot more runs on Jenga especially. It was probably a wash point-wise, but I enjoyed the game much more not being bogged down by videos.

    Drover’s Dog

    videos???? Why have advertisements been renamed as videos?
    Please can we call them what they are even though the purveyor of the game seems to want to use a misleading term for them.



    “videos???? Why have advertisements been renamed as videos?”

    I call them what they’re called in the game, pure and simple. And that’s the term we consistently use in this forum, for example “video doubler”, etc. I think we’re all smart enough to recognize them for what they are, regardless of what they’re called.

    If it was simply a video, then why would I call for their boycott? Of course I know it’s an ad.


    “It was probably a wash point-wise, but I enjoyed the game much more not being bogged down by videos.”

    Actually I find that running nodes accounts for a very small proportion of my total coins earned (even with the video doubler) especially now that more and more of my active nodes can wind up blocked due to their TFs being assigned to missions. Harvesting coins every four hours and from missions is far more lucrative.


    @optimuspig How do you expect Rovio to pay it’s employees? The game is Free.



    “How do you expect Rovio to pay it’s employees? The game is Free.”

    That’s the point, isn’t it? Why would we pay for a game that’s full of bugs and where gameplay can be arbitrarily changed by the developer at a whim?

    Let me put it to you another way: knowing what you know now, if this game required you to pay an upfront fee in order to download it, would you?

    Let’s do some math, shall we?

    “On average, cost per view (CPV) ranges between $0.03-$0.06 for incentivized videos”

    Say I watch an average of ten videos a day (definitely on the low end, but it avoids overstating things). And say we take the low end of the CPV range, so $0.03 / view.

    That’s $0.30/user/day, or $109.50 annually.

    When was the last time you paid $100+ for a game, back in the days when games came in boxes? Probably never? And at least with those games: they were reasonably bug free, the games were completed, and there was a full documentation package included so we didn’t have to guess about the gameplay. In the case of ABT, Rovio is batting 0 for 3 by the criteria I just named.

    There’s really no other effective way of letting them know our displeasure. At least with a pay-to-download model if an app sucks then no one will download it.

    Let’s do some more math:

    As of today, ABT has been rated 900,331 times on Google Play (I can’t find the stat on actual downloads, so let’s use the number of user ratings as a proxy for number of downloads – although as we know, not everyone who downloads a game will actually rate it, so the number of downloads is probably much higher).

    If we assume that 10% of ABT downloads actually convert into players, plus throw in the number of iOS players (based on OS market share, let’s say there are 1/10 as many players on iOS devices as there are Android devices) we’re talking about 100,000 ABT players.

    100,000 x $109.50 = $10,950,000

    Not bad for a game that’s full of bugs and isn’t complete and most players have to guess (or come to the Forum) to figure out how to play it.

    And that’s not counting the folks who are actually paying hard cash for the premium currency (i.e. gems).

    An acquaintance of mine, who works at one of the big game app developers, once told me that ~10% of the player base accounts for ~80% of an app’s revenues through sales of premium currency and in-game items.

    So if 20% of revenues = $10,950,000 then we’re talking total revenues of $54,750,000.

    How many employees does Rovio currently have? After the layoffs announced last fall, probably about 700?

    That’s a pretty healthy $78,000 in gross revenue per employee.

    The nice thing about a video boycott is that it’s potentially enough to send a clear and unambiguous message to Rovio without killing them off

    EDIT: according to Google Play ( the game has been installed on Android devices between 10 million and 50 million times (that stat is located at the very bottom of the page).

    Assuming the low end of that range, let’s redo my earlier math:

    10,000,000 installs x 10% become active players x $109.50 / player / year = $109,500,000 – and that’s not counting iOS players and cash purchases of premium currency.

    Oh, and I totally forgot about Jenga!

    And they can’t give us a bug-free product???

    P.S. OK, I’m willing to entertain the suggestion that I might be wrong – so let’s say that the “conversion rate” from downloads to active players is only 1/10th of my estimate – i.e. 1%. That’s still going to generate a ton of revenue for these guys.

    Mad Kat

    Count me in for the video boycott. I would have had no problem with rovio making obscene profits if they had established and stuck by ground rules. I am most miffed about them moving the finish line to level 15.


    I’m doing the ultimate boycott, deleted the game few weeks ago.
    Sometimes still read the posts just to see if bugs/problems have been fixed.
    Seems not to be the case.


    I was a bit skeptical when I read @optimuspig’s first post. But his arguments and his math have convinced me that this is worth doing. I want to register my displeasure with the following things:

    1) The bugs and the slow pace at which they are fixed.
    2) The goals posts that have moved from max level 10 to max level 15.
    3) The missions…they just suck.


    I think this is a great idea. Watching the video doubler is what seems to cause the game to crash. Just after I click the green arrow confirming my reward, before it asks about thanking the buddy. “UNFORTUNATELY ANGRY BIRDS HAS STOPPED.” So I lose my gold and the mission, but strangely any damage done to the bot needs to be fixed. (Then i need to open the game 5-10 times in a row to get it to actually stay open). I figure at the rate I am going, Staying with a score of say, $1,500 coins, is better than doubling up and losing $3,000 any day. Just my two cents.


    I’m already down to watching 1 to 2 videos a day so it wouldn’t be a stretch to not watch any at all.

    Kinda sucks that I only earn 1 to 2 keys without video in the hard missions and it usually has better goodies I seem to not pick

    Mad Kat

    @20qmindreader, I caved for much less and more often. :) A token protest seemed like a nice idea when I last posted, but I never was good at the tree-hugging, banner-wielding-protest-march thing.

    As long as I still play (mostly from habit and to some extent in anticipation that a new release will bring some exciting new features), I don’t think I have the will power not to view ads.

    Sorry folks… I did last a couple of days though.


    There’s gonna be more than a boycott if they keep pushing the “Mortal Kombat” ad in a game rated “e” for everyone. It’s horrifying.



    Sure, whatever works for you. As long as the boycott happens.


    Stay strong. If you’re finding it difficult to go “cold turkey” then I’d suggest boycotting the video coin doublers first, as running nodes has a much lower impact on overall game success now that we have to do missions as well.

    I find that the buddy boosts don’t do all that much either – even before I started my boycott, I rarely made use of it.


    @optimuspig I’m with you, mate.


    If someone can tell me how to post an image, I might have a sneaky preview for you all…


    Does this work? And also really sorry about the issues with 1.6 – we’ve submitted a fix to Apple and the Android one is coming very soon. Really bizarro circumstances caused it to slip through the net.



    That looks very interesting!

    Hope the fix is out soon, I still can’t access the Barracks!


    How can I boycott the video when my entire game seems to have been wiped out?


    ^ That is indeed a conundrum – but think about it this way: if you can’t play the game at all, Rovio can’t earn any revenue from you, either.

    Small consolation, but it’s something I guess ….

    Sorry, buddy.


    How are the videos really bad? I won’t really rage at the makers of the game that sometimes take away seven seconds of your life. And the game isn’t really buggy for me. No lags, everything great, and I usually watch videos to double my coins and pigs.


    “How are the videos really bad?”

    The boycott has nothing to do with content of the videos and everything to do with expressing our displeasure that the crap job Rovio has done with this game.

    In a free-to-download-and-play game such as this one, Rovio’s sources of revenue consist of purchases of premium currency (i.e. gems) and incentivized ad views (i.e. voluntarily clicking on a video bonus and watching it). What better way to send a message that their non-existent QC and arbitrary changes to game play are unacceptable than by hitting them in their pocket books?

    You’ve been away for a while, so perhaps you haven’t experienced the incredible bugginess, in particular the crash-on-startup bug that’s affected the two most recent major updates (end of April, and early June).

    “I won’t really rage at the makers of the game that sometimes take away seven seconds of your life.”

    Thirty seconds for a full view to get your bonus coins, buddy boost, or improved mission progress.

    You can “skip ad” after seven seconds, but this only applies for those random videos that sometimes appear before commencing a new node run.

    “And the game isn’t really buggy for me. No lags, everything great”

    Then you’ve gotten off lucky. Some people have lost their entire installations and game progress.

    “and I usually watch videos to double my coins and pigs.”

    Coin doubling actually has a relatively small impact on overall coin accumulation – you can earn far more coins from completing missions. As for the pigs, I’m pretty sure the videos no longer double them, but I could be mistaken.

    In the end, it’s up to you whether or not to participate in the boycott. The truth is, there’s no way to know how effective, if at all, this boycott is. But Rovio definitely knows about it, and perhaps that’s enough.


    Boycott the videos? I’m just boycotting the game altogether!

    Each successive update has made this game worse and worse. I wish I had never updated at all. Remember when the treasure chests actually gave decent amounts of gems? Remember when watching the video doubled not just coins but also pigs? Remember when you only needed coins to level up bots, not a bunch of random parts and materials, too?

    I get they need to make a profit, but they should do so in a way that rewards us, not by punishing us.

    I’m uninstalling the game until I see an apology and a promise to give back all the features and conveniences that have been taken away.

    I actual made this account just to share my feelings about the way they’ve treated us. I spent at least an hour writing a detailed, heartfelt post yesterday on this topic. It mysteriously disappeared after waiting all day for moderation…

    Rovio needs to pay attention, though. I’m the type of person who never leaves reviews for games and certainly never takes the time to find this forum, create an account, verify the account, and start posting. If I’m angry enough to step out of the shadows, things are really bad, and I bet there are tons and tons lie me who have jumped ship.

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