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  • datguygamer

    I can’t. It’s a closed group. Unless they let me join, I cannot see their albums.


    Agree…. Liked the fact that I could double my coins atleast after a run…. Now they have taken that from us….. But then again they lose out on the video revenue that it was giving them…… More time to play…. Less videos to watch…. But NOT an “update”…..


    Not happy my level 14 & 15 Tfs are now struggling to kill pigs, destroy gold blocks and take out missiles they were previously proficient at. I don’t like that the pink, gold and black missiles are gone now the red ones don’t yield as many coins, are harder to hit and don’t stun. Cheap shots have returned — Tf hit by missile out of nowhere while entering Teletran and can no longer shoot. Also not happy Rovio wants me to spend gems on accessories to increase my Tf’s power to run the same da** nodes. Nice touch, Rovio introducing bugs with an update. Again.


    Yes they’ve reduced the firepower on several Tfs big time, I’ve been killed by 1 5ballon pig even after hitting him 5/6 times with Bumblebee at Level 13.

    Last night I finished a 24hr Hard mission and ended up with 2 picks and also watch to get another pick. The rewards were Egg x 2, Chip x 3 and 3 x ?. For some odd reason I picked the 3 x ? which were Gems and that is what I got 3 gems in total, pathetic if you ask me.
    It makes laff when they put this out:—
    GAMEPLAY IMPROVEMENTS! The game has been rebalanced to provide a more exciting challenge!

    I just don’t understand why they feel the need to keep messing around with things.

    Jackie Jackson

    I am also stuck with updating progress bug. How do you fix this without losing everything.


    I would not consider this version an upgrade. Trying to make the game more challenging by decreasing transformer firepower or increasing enemy strength is an insult to all the players who have reached max levels. A lot of time and real money spent to have the advantage to easily destroy pigs. I expected or Rovio should have added areas for high level players, accessible when you get to a specific level by upgrading your transformers.
    The amount of gems required to purchase accessories is way too high! There should be a option to use coins. What do you or I do with 20 million coins? Only one character to update at a time when you are max level player.
    I really have enjoyed playing this game, but this feels like a step or more backwards. Video rewards missing, pigs harder to kill than mortar towers, different kind of missles gone, eggbot intercepts totally changed, and more. It feels like some of the characters have gotten knocked down 5+ levels as hard as it is to kill ballon pigs or even destroy blocks! Not impressed!


    On the release notes it says Epic O Prime is not yet unlockable and yet i’ve had him 6 times as a buddy at different levels and different people. How is that happening anybody know.

    Drover’s Dog

    Luckily I have not had the most recent bug.

    Just started up game and there is a stealth update on Android to which may or may not have a fix in it.


    I haven’t played a lot lately, but I’ve noticed that the firepower on Goldbite Grimlock has been reduced significantly. I’m actually having problems killing flying kamikaze pigs with him.

    On the other hand, while I don’t think the firepower on Energon Grimlock has changed, I do think that he can continuously fire for a longer duration before having to cool down.

    I haven’t noticed any changes to Soundblaster, but Energon Soundwave has definitely been depowered. In contrast, I can now two-shot the walking mortar towers with basic Soundwave. In the past, I wouldn’t have even bothered trying. Both Soundwaves still suck at killing flying and balloon pigs, but Soundblaster is still pretty good at that.

    Green Whacker

    Updating progress bug has hit me so I’m unable to continue in the challenge. This has greatly upset me so I’m no longer interested into playing this as it is very clear that Rovio no longer cares about the player and only is focused on making money.

    Good bye


    iPad, IOS 9.2, New England (US,) (iOS update available, but haven’t done it yet.) Multiple issues: 1) No probes for about a day, then frequent “Update” bug, and none of the suggested work-arounds have stopped it. 2) Had a whopping good run for a day, but now none of my targeted ice cubes register as having been shot during my runs. Well, I think 8 registered, but should have been in the dozens.

    I am sooooo tired of this.


    That was supposed to be “probs,” as in “problems,” not “probes,” lol.


    Apparently, my specific version of the bug only lets me garner 8 ice cubes, period. I sent a report to Rovio.


    Actually Energon Grimlock has been fixed. Currently all the Grimlocks I have unlocked are at Level 7 each. However, only Energon Grimlock is the one whose lightning looks very powerful (as in it spreads out more while the others still have a thin ray). I think Goldbite Grimlock was nerfed while E.G. was buffed.


    How about this 1, Energon Galvatron level 12, blow up walking towers with 1 shot but taking over 7 shots for the ballon pigs, bonkers

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