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    /UPGRADED ACCESSORIES! Accessories now boost your Transformers performance. Get kitted out to gain the advantage!
    /UPCOMING EVENT! Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting series of challenges! Win powerful accessories for Soundwave!
    /GAMEPLAY IMPROVEMENTS! The game has been rebalanced to provide a more exciting challenge!

    Current Version (ANDROID) 1.10.5

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  • Mighty Red


    * Epic Optimus Prime as buddy.
    * Some accessories now have unique benefits, for example, Energon Starscream’s Shoulder Pads accessory has an ability called Explosive Rounds.
    * Newsfeed button above the Achievements button.

    Mad Kat

    We received the upgrade in the iOS world too. I’m still downloading but I’m not excited. Doesn’t seem like we get any real new features.


    Really happy I never bought any accessories. There are a bunch of expensive ones that I would have bought that there is no reason to buy any more. Either there is a cheaper one that gives an effect I would rather have or you can no longer equip more than one that you could have equiped both before (like Sentinel Prime’s sword and shield).

    Mighty Red

    Has anyone bought Ultra Magnus’s Helmet accessory? If so, can you tell me if its benefit is actually zero reloading?


    Ok so is Starscream’s Explosive Rounds and Thundercracker’s Acid Rounds actually abilities you can use in the game or just random gear?


    I have noticed that balloon pigs and flying pigs are much harder to kill, but walking mortar towers seem easier to blow up…

    Absolutely. My level 14 Prowl took out a mortar tower with one hit and he was useless against them before. On the other hand he has almost no effect on the shark pigs.

    Tox 101

    I’m froze with the “updating your progress” box on my screen. Tried restarting…shutting off wifi…..nothing works.

    Help would be appreciated!

    Drover’s Dog

    The clouds have all but disappeared leaving just the edges and there is absolutely NOTHING underneath but more sea.
    Looks like no new areas will be available other than opening a node or 2 in the mountains or the sea.


    Have noticed some changes with the weapon power. E.g with Soundblaster – he can now shoot missiles with a single hit but takes multiple shots to clear a gold brick.


    I bought an accessory for lock down nd then it started with the updating progress loop when I tried to force a Facebook reconnect… game is broken and useless now… reinstall, (AGAIN!)


    I’m still not receiving any notifications when missions or upgrades are complete so that bug is still there. Also still not getting rewarded for destroying missiles and balloon pigs with energonicons.


    yeah balloon pigs are extra tough now especially if you cant pop a balloon to make them fall. Actually everything but mortars seem tougher to destroy now

    Also seems that I have to restart the app after every node or my video bonus wont pop up.

    On the plus side though intercepts and eggbots are much nicer now


    Reinstalled the game. Got through one node and it started the updating progress loop again… this thing is properly broken again. Not cool.


    Very disappointing update to say the least. It has only decreased my desire to play, not increase it. Nice to have a new character to play, but overall the update is not impressive at all. I am on FB with plenty of friends that also play ABTF, but still can’t play with their bots, or vice versa. That hasn’t been addressed. And the fact that it is more difficult to shoot down pigs compared to before the update is not attractive either. Maybe that was a mistake with the update, it is a possibility. Anyway, I digress.


    I found these facts after playing some nodes. Please mention me when they are wrong.
    All transformers are level 14 except Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Bludgeon, Ultra Magnus, Soundblaster, Sentinel Prime, Energon Starscream and Goldbite Grimlock that are level 15.

    1. Accessories are updated and some of them have a special ability.
    Fortunately, I bought some sets of accessories during the discount period.
    I tested some of them.
    a)Acid round tested via lockdown equipped with Squawktalk. Every hit adds small damage for a short time, but it stacks many times which makes him destroys mortars easily.
    b)Continuous fire via Ultra Magnus equipped with Helmet. Yeah, with this helmet, Ultra Magus is no needed to reload. @mighty-red-1
    c) Explosive round tested via Energon Starscream equipped with Shoulder Pad. Every shot adds small explosion when hit a target. The explosion has splash damage and this effect is quite good for the transformers who shot very frequently.
    2. Missile launching ramp in Pig city launches twice with a moderate frequency.
    3. Missile launching ramp in other fields launches only 1~3 normal missiles with a short frequency. (I’m not sure, but I couldn’t observe any EMP, gold, ink missile.)
    4. Firepower of some transformers like Ultra Magnus, Grey Slam, Goldbite Grimlock is decreased. Especially two grimlocks lose their firepower extremely, but time to overheat becomes very long.
    5. On the other hand, firepower of Blues is increased dramatically. Mortar is destroyed only one shot.
    6. Balloon pigs become tougher. High defense and damage. Avoiding them is recommended unless the transformer has high firepower.


    My level 14 Jazz is taking three or four hits to kill UNARMED minion pigs. Terrible update.


    Now, this sucks. In previous versions, I was buying some accessories, since all my bots are level 15 already, and stashing gems doesn’t seem to have a point anymore, and increased damage felt good. For a while. It was nice to be able to kill a mortar with a single hit from Soundwave during Christmas challenge. But now it’s *again* taking several hits, even with accessories. And what’s worse, these are completely rehashed.

    Previously, some of attack increasing accessories could be worn together, giving full bonus to attack (I haven’t been buying defense/transformation upgrades, so can’t say anything about them). Now they are incompatible. If I knew, I would still spend gems on one but not another.

    Optimus Prime’s axe and rocket launcher. Bumblebee’s chromed exhaust pipes and hammer. Soundwave’s gun and Laserbeak, Heatwave’s Eject and axe – they’re on different shoulders, for Cthulhu’s sake, they should not interfere with each other. And Bludgeon’s shield and turret are different purpose items, on top of that. So are Sentinel Prime’s shield and sword. Why can’t they be used together? Thundercracker’s shuriken is suddenly a shield with the defense bonus instead of attack – why did I waste gems on that?

    What’s the difference between “+X to transformation” and “+X to time as transport”?


    What new ABT assets are there and how do we get them ???


    Game keeps restarting since update. Collect coins it restarts i lose all coins collected.

    Mad Kat

    This is such a non-upgrade unless you count reintroduction of bugs. I’m seeing the endless loop of ‘updating progress’ too….again.


    – Big update to Accessories. They now all are named and indicate exactly what boost each one gives your bot. Acid rounds, explosive rounds, incendiary rounds, increased fire rate, etc. etc. Very expensive though. Estimate it would take ~40,000 gems to max all 32 bots.

    – The bug where your friends’ bots were almost always Optimus Prime and/or Bumblebee *appears* to have been fixed!

    – NewsFeed (tap lower left arrow, then tap upper button – the envelope)

    – Thank You Rewards from friend activity *appears* to have been updated. The counter maxes at 512. Collecting clears the counter to zero. No backlog & no delay in time-stamp of latest reward. Please comment below if you agree?

    – In barracks, the 33rd Bot has been added and its silhouette matches the 2nd one from the squad “Iconic Transformers”. You get a preview of this bot (level 1) in Jenga mode, but it does NOT unlock him.

    – Significant update to JENGA. Daily challenges that reward coins or gems. Ability to choose your “team” but the bots that cause wide-spread damage are not there (Shockwave variants, Sentinel Prime/Heatwave, Grimlock variants). Rodimus Prime, who is available, is pretty good though.

    – As mentioned by Rovio, the difficulty has been “rebalanced”. Reports are rolling in about which items are now harder (easier?) to kill/destroy. Balloon Pigs seem to be the new bosses.


    I would like to add some bugs that are affecting me:

    1. Before this update, I could ALWAYS get a video doubler for doubling my pigs. Now it doesn’t work anymore. It only works for the first node after entering and exiting the game. I now have to do this every time in order to get my videos.

    2. Jenga Mode doesn’t at all work for me. Even though I purchased it and it is unlocked, I cannot play it. Tapping on it does nothing for me. Can you post some screenshots of the new Jenga Mode so at least I can see it? Playing on Android btw.


    STUCK ON REPEATED “saving your progress” ” must restart your game” ????? Thx. Tried deleting, restoring, still same thing.


    Me too, how do you restore?


    @datguygamer Personally, I can’t post pictures here at the moment, but you can view several over on the ABTDP group page here.

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