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  • I am running AB2 on an iPhone X (iOS  12.3.1). I believe there was an update today (June 14, 2019) to the AB2 app. My AB2 app is now crashing even before it is launched when I tap on it. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions? Thx.

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  • AggieGuy

    No problem on Android 8.0 (so far) except the Rainbow Rave, which is supposed to go on for another day, no longer works. All feathers are back to normal.


    Same on my iPad. Rainbow feathers not working, and it took maybe 4 minutes to open after the update. Since then starts ‘normally’ what ever normal is.

    And in CvC it seems to me the birds are not as forceful as usual.


    Bill, Glad to hear that yours is opening now but my problem persists though I also turned the phone off and on twice. No other irregularity with the phone except with the AB2 app.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I have also submitted a support request to Rovio. Hope I don’t lose the data if and when I am able to launch the app.</p>


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>It seems that problem had to do with the iPhone language (though it shouldn’t). The AB2 app was opened successfully after I changed the iPhone language from Turkish to English.</p>


    It doesn’t crash to me, but all free videos (ToF, DC, KPP) disappeared again. Also there was still rainbow feathers event that should last 24 hours more, but after update it also disappeared. This game makes me frustrating more and more


    It must be nice to be nice to get free video bird for tof, dc, and kpp.  You all are getting a huge advantage over people like me who Rovio screws over with no video options for tof, dc, and kpp.


    I play AB2 on my iPad  and iPhone.  This current update is screwy.  I had no problem but now it keeps crashing on both devices.  Turned off both and still having a problem. My phone is a six but the iPad is only a year old.  Don’t know what else to do.

    I was having the same issue. This is what Rovio said:

    However, I’m extremely reluctant to reinstall the game and possibly lose access to MEBC for 3 days, especially now with the shop open. But I found that just deactivating Game Center seems to have solved the problem. At least, it hasn’t crashed since I did that.









    I got the same msg from Rovio. I could not find AB2 in Game Center under iCloud options. Turning off the Game Center either under iCloud or directly under settings did not help me. Only changing the iPhone language to English (w/out deleting and reinstalling the AB2 app) solved the problem.

    I am also a bit puzzled by the Rovio msg saying “log back into FB account after deletion and reinstallation to restore game progress”. What if we don’t have an FB account or not connecting to an FB account? How reliable is Facebook in restoring the game progress? Isn’t the AB2 app recording our game progress to the AB2 servers? Is connecting to an FB account beforehand the only quick solution if someone is, for example, switching to a new phone?


    I am using the iphone X, the app crashed when the it is launched for a first time everyday, but it runs normally when I re-open the app. I can still play it. I may not take the risk of following the above instructions.


    Facebook is the most reliable back-up, oddly enough. And no, Rovio doesn’t seem to store your progress on their servers, except for hatchling and apple data, for some reason. If you lose your account, they can usually restore it if your have it synced to Facebook. Otherwise, probably not.

    And yeah, I only had the option to turn game center on or off altogether. That’s weird about the language.


    For months, the game was causing blackouts of the background graphics. I play on a 2 GB RAM Samsung Tab A. I had to clear the Cache several times a day. Since I did the last update on June 14th, the game immediately crashed when I went to play the CVC and also the Clan Event. Then a few hours later my tablet showed how many errors the AB2 app was causing and slowing down the tablet. It forced me to fix it. I procrastinated doing an un/reinstall as I didn’t want to lose out on 3 days MEBC. I was forced into uninstalling the game. When I reinstalled it, I didn’t lose any days of the MEBC, it was there. But the same blackened background issues are still happening quite often and I have to close the app and clear the cache after every few rounds I play. Getting quite annoying so if Rovio doesn’t optimize their app to run on 2GB RAM devices, they are going to lose a lot of players.

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