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  • Yue

    the crash has gone! the friend list is back. I love this update. At least, playing arena is no longer painful. ya!!!!

    fun person

    Had no problems before update, now it crashes when try to watch video, plus FB friends disappeared.


    It seems almost random what happened to this game… After the update my friendslist was still empty, but I received one gift and afterwards my friendslist was back. I haven’t encountered a lot of crashes or freezes before the update, but I do think, that the whole game runs better now. I haven’t had a frozen screen (those were very rare) since the update. All in all, I think the game performance improved. But the bugs, like missing stars on the world map are just sooooo stupid.


    My winning streak has changed again. 150 feathers for #2, 600 feathers for #5.


    Oh, nice, mine too – 600 feathers. Add another 0 and I’m fine :-D

    I have some connection issues since the update. Sometimes, when AB2 was “playing” in the background, I have no connection to the arena. I have to close and restart the game in order to access the arena. Why is that? Why can’t I access the arena, when the game was running in the background for some hours?


    I think it’s phone’s function to save power while ab2 was in the background for a certain time period.


    I didn´t have a problem with the update at first. Everything worked well. Now I can´t send a gift. The days after the update I could (as I have been able the whole time). So I wrote a ticket to Rovio. And one of the task today was to send a gift – I´m screwed. Well, well I´m looking forward to what they will reply.


    Sometimes I receive gifts but I doesnt say who it came from. Most show the name though

    I noticed I can get Ice spells from free chests again also


    Since last week update I have not been able to play AB2 in my iPad. Game quit after starting up. Any word from Rovio?



    I had the same problem after trying to connect to Facebook. Deleted the game, re-installed and I am now playing now without Facebook connection. Thought it would be fixed with the new update – but still have the same problem…..

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Update August 1th

Viewing 10 replies - 51 through 60 (of 60 total)
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