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  • Update this morning on iOS

    New extra bird in cage but it’s a pig

    Taken away restart and swap buttons from Map and Arena

    Moved restart and swap buttons in MEBC and CVC to the centre of bottom of the screen

    New hat event coming

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  • AngryBoston

    Tired of new hat sets. Another few dozens of thousands of black pearls will be needed. They screw the joy of the game by adding new hat sets on my opinion


    Yes, legendary hats hard to collect since the exotic hat sets were introduced

    They either need to lower the pearls for the x10 hats or remove the hat events. Having both just makes a nonsense of the game imo


    Will the pig require feathers?

    Weird addition.

    I agree about the hat sets, I wouldn’t mind if they were to have stuck with adding x3 sets.


    yeahh brilliant idea, pig with feathers :)))

    but seriously – we don’t need new birds and new hats… just a nice game with fair DC and KPP, which do not require tons of gems for dozens of micropigs and stupid blocked exits would be enough!


    Hat sets are just another way for Rovio to get people to pay money, especially the pay for victory types.


    Its Leonard:


    I like the repositioning of the restart & shuffle options to the bottom center. I was always clicking on them inadvertently when they were on the right.


    @doulgas, agreed.

    I can’t count how many times I failed a DC/KPP due to those buttons. Glad they were moved.


    replay room button has gone back to 40 gems for me.

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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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