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  • I don’t know yet if there is anything new other than bug fixes and new levels.

    Edit: I messed the version in subject! It should be 2.25.0 there! Fixed.



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  • jo-ha

    What I saw today was new: the points given by any bird are now shown as a multiplier and not just the points. You now see the basics points and your bird with its multiplier. You can not continue picking cards from free chests. First it offered me a video option to take another card, which is fine, but then it offered me another pick for 50 gems, which is obviously ridiculous. Other than that, I haven’t noticed anything different. I hope they fixed the bug in the ToF rewarding you the same spell over and over again, but I quit the tower on level 5 today and left with only one spell.


    I thought there was something different how scores for individual birds were shown, but somehow it still escaped my attention. :D

    You’ve had the possibility to continue picking the cards from free chests… by video option? I have that only once a day, so I have to wait for evening to see that one. In-game timetables are really messed up. Specially one for BP chest in Hat Shop.

    I’m still salty for ToF robbing me those ME card and giving the powerless “Pigflators”. I wonder what bug is fixed, if it’s not that.


    Edit: About two hours ago I got video option for free chests on both accounts! Rewards dropped low, but I was able to get every card… until video on FTP account crashed. Because of it I noticed too late that on main account the video option disappeared on before the last card and was replaced by “pay 200” button! Guaranteed nasty Roviolike trick with buttons… and now main account repeats the “pay 200” button every time before the last card. Pay attention to the buttons! :(

    2nd edit: It’s worse than I thought. It’s random, so it may ask you to play every round… and now it asks to pay more often. At the start, it was a much better, then the money grabbing started.


    Ang Ryone

    I’ve crashed three times today. It’s not a coincidence as I’ve never crashed more than twice over 150 days.


    Well, I’m downloading Android Pie right now and I hope it lessens the crashes. Then again, I better make sure I keep AB2 and other installed software thru update. Some of them don’t seem to keep their settings or even activations when restored from backups.

    About topic… I started to get only “pay 20” button instead of video option for free chests, so either it was just initial phase or there is some kind of daily limit for video option appearing there.

    Edit: Not upgraded yet. I need to check app compatibilities first.


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