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  • Or, as Gorby would say, Glasnost.

    I have all birds at level 18 but Terence (who might as well be at level 1800), 95 star rating, 32 gold and 2 silver medals (Jet Glider). Three cowboy hats. Here’s what I see.

    The game lacks transparency in terms of:

    – score calculation needed to be understandable. I fail to understand how Bomb can blow up a complex structure and only score 500k points, while a dinky structure scores twice that. It can’t be too difficult to explain how it’s calculated.

    – score needed to get extra bird is completely random. Watch using a ME as the first bird. Anything over 500k points gets a new ME. Yet later in the game even 1.2M does not get a free bird.

    – Likewise, one’s own destructometer seems to fill up VERY slowly at the end of the game while the opponents’ fills up like magic.

    – your score vs opponent’s – come on, people, this has become a joke. There’s a HUGE difference in scoring between crown and cowboy hat (I just got three cowboy hats). On paper its +2 vs +3.

    – real vs bot opponents. come on, people (rev 2.0). I’ve only been playing video games since Pong in the 1970’s, and it’s not like I don’t have 35 years experience writing software. How does one rack 14-16M points playing the same rooms with the same bird levels you have? Doesn’t happen often, but enough to really make me wonder.

    – bird ability changes. We’re watching with skepticism as birds are de-powered over time. I feel even the ME is not as mighty as before, where pretty much any structure would topple any structure. Nowadays, that’s not the case. The pigs die, of course, but the scores are puny in many structures.

    – opponent selection – come on, people (rev 3.0) this has become a joke. ’nuff said.

    – opponent resources – why not show us how many TICKETS each opponent has / uses? it is safe to assume that between cheats, hacks, exploits, hats, slings, and paying serious money, whether a bird is level 7 or 17 is irrelevant. Show me how many tickets the guy has. Last 3 golds I got were simply a game of attrition.


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  • hooksfan

    I quit the game in March…for the exact reason you posted. I had better things to do with my time.

    Angry Beaver

    Room scoring is probably based on percentage. If in the room is 3 large structures and you destroy one of them completely it’s only ~30%, if in other room is only one small structure what you destroy completely it’s 100%. Same thing is with getting stars on arena matches. You may earn 10M points but if your opponent gets 7M you get only 8 stars but if opponent gets only 5M you get 10 stars. In my last match i got 16M points vs opponents 15,5M i got only 5 stars. In what logic destructometer works IDK.


    @sambeaver You have hit on a very good point about the point scoring. It is very likely based on room destruction percentage since I get nearly the same total score from one 3 structure room taking 3 birds as from a single structure single bird strike (the single bird strike often gets more points due to the bonus).

    About the opponents, I think it is better now with the closer matches than the easy blowouts from a few weeks back where an average score of 8-9 was normal without spells. Levels 2, 4 , and 6 are now the tough ones where it used to be 3, 5, and 6. Makes the game a bit interesting.


    Just fill your pocket with spells. Game on and stop wining…….

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