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    @mvnla2 I fail to see why you find a team with a Berserker and the vampiric emblem difficult. The Blessed set doesn’t give the Vampiric emblem a bonus. A huge number of other characters will heal the banner more than a Berserker. The Berserker is only healing the banner 99 if sugar rush doesn’t kick in. A Paladin without the 40% healing bonus heals 106 and with the healing bonus it is 106 + 426 = 532. The Sea Dog has the highest base damage so he’ll heal the banner 145 or 157 each time depending on which set you are using and it doesn’t matter if he is damaged. I’ve used the vampiric emblem a lot when grinding against teams I know I’ll beat so I’ll be more likely to get 3 stars, but it isn’t the best emblem to use and doesn’t heal the banner a huge amount since it is only 10% of normal damage or about 100 for each attacking bird.


    @killerkea I think the opponent was using the Berserker on their own banner.

    For a banner with 12,000 health, that is about 600 damage caused by the Berserker to each opponent bird and the banner. That is a total of 2400 damage, healing the banner by 240. But the banner also takes the 600 damage, so a net loss of 360 health. Not so good.

    But if the sugar rush set kicked in, that’s 2,400 of healing to everyone!

    Have a look at this in a battle against Piggy McCool.


    @kerravon Thanks. Now I understand. I’ve seen enemy banners with close to 15,000 health. That is an interesting way to use the Berserker. I always found the Berserker’s Frenzy skill to be worthless since it doesn’t do much damage and it hurts the bird you cast it on. Previously the max health was Red with 3401 so you’d do up to 510 damage to him and the enemies. A Mage or Archmage can damage all enemies for more without hurting your team member if you wanted that type of attack.

    The Berserker’s Frenzy will work with Tricksters’ Cheer, Skulkers’ Weak Spot and Thunderbird’s Thunderclap so I can see how Frenzy can be very useful in the arena especially when you have one or two birds near death.


    @killerkea I don’t understand why anyone would bring the Berserker into the arena. Like you say, Mage can do the same sort of damage.

    But I have seen quite a few Berserkers in my level 18 game. And pretty much every attack is done using the Frenzy attack. It is so stupid. The Berserker regularly knocks himself or an allied bird out.


    My set banner and top items all provide less health than their non set equivalents. Is this intended? I understand the passive bonuses they provide are better even without the set bonus, but it seems odd when comparing them to set weapons and armor vs non set weapons and armor.


    @harleym — Yes this is correct, the top tier set items were nerffed back during season one. Your non-set items will have better health but no bonus effects as you have pointed out.




    just won using blessed set + vampiric emblem

    berserk + spies + chuck (still looking for the best class to use there)

    buff banner with spies, use berserker frenzy whenever there’s more than one enemy bird alive, chuck just keeps doing aoe damage.

    my banner never went down the 90% of health, it just regenerate too much energy


    just tried another funny combo

    sea dog
    lightning bird

    sea dog buff the spies,
    spies attack (followed by sea dog),
    then chuck can use lightning fast on spies to get another double attack

    if chuck is equipped with the time jump set, and it kicks in, you can buff spies again to get a total of 7 attacks in a single round…

    you unleash a ton of damage on the whole enemy group, pretty hard to recover for them.


    Very good @partshade :D. But now my favourite banner set is Bird Bond. I have full Bird Bond set.


    @partshade Great job!


    Witch and rogues are basically a guaranteed three star combo (unless playing against a chuck with a mana set, or a weakness emblem)

    Rogues keeps enemies off witch (and hurts them at the same time) and can also do a ton of damage to the banner with his sticky goo attack, and witch heals your banner faster than any AI-controlled enemy team will ever damage it.

    You can lose the toss, lose your rogues on the firat turn, lose witch on the second, and still begin to implement the strategy when they revive.

    The bigger your banner, the better this strategy works, obviously, since the key is Witch’s 20% banner heal. Mine is around 19,000, so I get 3800 on the first heal, and then around 4400 or 4600 on subsequent heals, depending on how many in a row I cast.

    Other than mana set and weakness emblem, things that slow this strategy down (but not enough to overpower it): chain attacks, spies, most of chuck’s classes… basically anything that circumvents your attempts to funnel your opponents’ attacks to your banner with rogues’ cupcake trap.

    Oh, but this is a super important point: There is NO reason to use your birds to knock out your opponent’s birds, unless they’re disrupting your control. They’ll kill themselves on the cupcake trap eventually.


    2 Birds Team!! ” THE WIZARD KING “

    You will need:
    Golden Chilli (to finish the battle in less then 3 or 4 turns)
    Emblem: Underdog – to boost Wizard’s attack.
    Top: Some that increases critical strike

    Team: Wizard (With a weapon that heals)
    A bird that boosts Wizard but has less health than he has. I prefer Skulkers.

    Basically if you win the toss, you use Tricksy Trick for the 30% boost and then the Golden Chilli on Wizard. In most of the cases that will kill all enemies in the first turn. If you loose the toss they will focus on Skulkers ( since he has less health ), and in your turn your Wizard will do 3 attacks alone! 3 enemies down again!
    So while all the enemies are down, Wizard and Skulkers will destroy the enemies banner.
    Its 3 stars almost all the time.

    Sorry for the English, i’m not a native speaker. Thanks :)


    @partshade — Great guide! I need to study it more as I have only just started PVP.

    I would like to suggest update the main (first) post with the best suggestions from all the comments. And continue to keep it updated with the new banner and weapon sets too. That keeps the main post the go-to place without having to comb through several dozen replies.

    Another suggestion to help noobs like me find there way around: Each time you specify a class, write the name of the bird too, like Red/Paladin, Chuck/Wizard, or Blues/Marksmen.

    Add pictures?

    Thanks again!


    I’m sure this has been mentioned somewhere in these forums before, but I haven’t seen it yet, and I’m very pleased with the results I’ve been seeing lately, so I wanted to share.

    Adding to the Witch/Rogues strategy I mentioned above, using Chuck/Thunderbird’s defense/spell (Rage of Thunder) when your opponent’s team includes Chuck, is amazing. If you cast blues’s cupcake trap on your banner, then cast rage of thunder, enemy chuck will knock himself out on his first attack.

    Flight Wingman

    Banner: Blessed Set or any Sweet flag, Weakness Emblem

    Rainbird with Phoenix Set

    Berserker with Sugar Rush

    Spies with *Beep Beep* Attack Set

    ~ Strategy ~

    In the first turn: Rainbird and Spies attack, Berserker uses Frenzy on the banner and has a 50% chance to heals your birds.

    In the next turn: Rainbird heals your birds, Berserker uses Frenzy on the banner, Spies attack.





    Witch, Berserk and Skullkers are far way better in putting online the mass damage/kick/healing routine. The right weapons set help a lot: Endless CHANT for Matilda, BEEP ROBOT for TheBlues and Finisher for Bomb. Valiant Banner and Diminished Healing perfectly close the team for me.

    Try them, if you can and let me know.


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