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  • james.dale.733

    Nice work! I tend toward brute force myself as it’s so effective when you win the toss, but some of these setups are fun to use and annoying to face.


    @partshade well my fave setup is actually blessed set (+20% health and resistance is just so strong and more reliable than effects that are just a chance of something) then it’s Chuck and blues with their resurrection sets. Usually bomb makes up the 3. For classes Chuck is usually lightning bird, bomb sea dog, blue spies. It can be wizard berzerker rogues or some combination of that dependant on enemy setup. With this banner and bird sets you have a chance to lose the toss and still have a chance. When the daily objectives require marksmen, I usually complement with samurai and cannoneer for insane multiple hit bonuses. You can really rinse a banner with this combo :-)

    King Chuck

    @jamesd you syould equip Bomb with Sugar Rush Set


    I’ve used the Heavy Healing combo for a long time, even when I lose the cointoss against a maxed out opponent, I rarely loose.

    The only times I may lose is against a very lucky resurrection or stun streak.
    Stuff like that happens sometimes (also in my favor), that’s the only thing out of control.

    I sometimes use a variant of Druid (with Sweet set), to keep damage ticking while healing the other 2 turns.


    I don’t have much in the way of complete sets other than Dragon with my Paladin and Phoenix for Chuck. My overall strategy is to use Wizard, Paladin and Rogues and try to knock out the opponent’s birds one or two at a time while getting an early hit on the banner with Rogues. That way my opponent never has all three birds at one time so even if their wizard gets the chili, they don’t have other birds to back him up.


    Heavy Healing is great for Venomous Team (Chuck/Rainbird, Matilda/Druid, Blue Trio/Skulker or Rogue). This can be great if your objective is limited to Matilda and Blue Trio.
    Brute Force can make you instant win if you start first with Red/Paladin with Dragon set, Chuck/Wizard with Lightning set, and Blue Trio/Spies with Crossbow or Beep set.


    Tank ‘n Spank
    Banner: Blessed Set, Rage Shield Emblem
    Birds: Rainbird Chuck with Reborn Set, Rogues Blues with Beep Attack Set, Druid Matilda with Sweet Set

    FTFY. The banner gives 20 Vigor and 20 Vitality, making your birds extra tanky. Blues doesn’t need Save Me because for some reason enemies will only ever attack Chuck or the banner, so the extra damage will be nice. The banner receives 125% healing, while birds receive 250% healing, meaning that your birds should never die; thus, the Rage Shield emblem instead of Resurrection. Just apply degen on all enemies, then heal between turns. Make sure Chuck cleanses the banner first, then himself. Matilda should only be healing the banner, since the AoE heal is greater on the birds anyways. Use the rage chili on Chuck to spread degen, or if all 3 enemy birds are down, use the rage chili on Blues for extra damage. If your banner is taking lots of damage, give the rage chili to Matilda.

    These power combos are all great but the chance you will get any of these exact sets is still small. A good team needs to have the obvious upper hand when going first. If the team doesn’t go first, it needs to have a good comeback strategy. Teams that only depend on going first will always cut it close or lose battles when they can’t go first.

    The Marksmen with the Save Me set along with a Canoneer and a Samurai would be nice. If the Canoneer dies early, you can still force out a heavy amount of damage. However, this is classified as a Heavy Offense team; as with nearly all of these teams, healing is practically non-existent.


    I agree.So I think Rainbird with Reborn set instead of Cannoneer is better.Cannoneer class can’t dispel affects if meet Princess,Rogues,and a badly-injured banner.But Rainbird’s Light of Speed can replace Cannoneer’s heavy attack even if Samurai is KOed.


    I have an idea:
    This combo lets you deal damage in your turn AND your enemies’ turn.

    Time Mastery version 1

    Banner: Any set + Time Jump

    Chuck (preferably Lightning Bird) w/ Time Jump set
    Sea Dog w/ Any set
    Marksmen w/ Any set

    In the first turn, bestow Ambush and Gang Up to make a double counter effect. The use Lightning Bird to get 2 attacks from your birds. If you lose the toss, unless the enemy targets the banner, you will still have a counter for the second turn. If Lightning Bird’s Time Jump activates, use Lightning Fast again for more attacks.

    version 2

    Same banner as above. (Thorns or Retaliate may be used instead)

    Chuck (preferably Thunderbird, or Mage/Archmage) w/ Time Jump
    Cannonneer w/ any set
    Rogues w/ any set

    CAVEAT: Not recommended for dispel teams.

    Losing Chuck from a lost coin toss will still allow you to control your enemies by Cupcake Trap and Counter, dealing extra damage in your enemies’ turn.


    @partshade For your immortal group, you could include Paladin (or another preferred class for red bird) with Protector’s Aura to get the 10% reduction of damage for all birds.


    New idea.
    Dispel Quell/Loaded Cannon
    Banner: Mighty Set OR Frozen Set + Thorns, Retaliate, Vengeful, Dispel, or Purify.

    Lightning Bird w/ Any set,
    Capt’N w/ Any set,
    Tricksters w/ Artillery Strike.

    This team is full of classes that dispel. This is useful for enemies that have dangerous buffs (e.g. Marksmen) and a secondary utility is to deal giant critical hits. With Artillery Strike, all critical hits deal 300% damage ((normal damage + 50% bonus) * 2x bonus with the set), and Whip Up can increase this damage to 480%. With the Mighty Set, the chance of getting a critical hit is greatly increased, as well as overall damage (you will deal 528% damage for every critical hit + Whip Up). If you have the Frozen Set, use Lightning Bird relentlessly to get more stuns!


    Good combo.But I can use Resurrection elblem to defense my birds being knocked out,and I can always target your Blues cause Cap’n always deals damage to them when boosting their attack.Marksmen’s Volley will be dispeled isnt a problem.(I’ll use Rainbird to be the “Curse-Dispeller”.)


    Rainbird only dispels from one bird/the banner and the AI is stupid. I like it when the AI does really silly, dumb decisions (like LB using Lightning Fast on…the banner![LOL]). And Rainbird is only really dangerous if it has Living Lightning equipped. As a result, I’m not thinking about what the AI’s strategy might be. Nor how effective the combo would be for the AI.


    Well,Rainbird isnt dangerous when using him,I agree.But 80% of Birds classes can give negetive effects to a single bird(like you cant stand if Samurai stuns the banner with Titan set and Nightmate,that deals around 2000 damage,equals 1/5 health of the banner).I believe these small differences can change the situation of whats going on in the arena.
    Besides, Partshade and I just give advices of what kind of bird we can bring in our team.


    My favorite arena combo is based on the increased critical damage on the Blues’ Artillery Strike set, combined with banner items and skills that increase damage and critical hit chance, and some tweaks to make sure the Blues survive a lost coin toss. It works ok with Skulkers, and you get the highest possible individual damage with Tricksters (well above 7000 with 45/10), but due to the additional splash damage, my favorite Blues class for this combo are the Spies.

    Spies w/ Artillery Set
    Cap’n w/ Sugar Rush (or Scissors, but I prefer Sugar Rush)
    Thunderbird (or Wizard, or Lighnting Bird) w/ Reborn (usually survives first round if you lose the coin toss)

    Banner: Mighty or Sinister w/ emblem of your choice (I like Resurrection)

    First round: Cap’n buffs Spies. If you have the golden Chili, use it on Chuck. If you don’t, Thunderbird attacks the banner (in order to further increase the Blues’ damage), Lightning Bird makes Spies attack, Wizard attacks after Spies (try to take out remaining birds with him). Spies attack the Banner, or if a strong opponent bird with a lot of health remains (this will mostly be the case if you don’t have the golden Chili), that bird.
    If Spies buffed by Cap’n land a critical hit on an opponent debuffed by Thunderbird, expect huge damage. Mine (maxed out) do more than 5700 points, with a normal attack. Due to the Banner’s (and the Ballista’s) increased critical hit chance, this will happen quite often.
    Once the Blues are buffed, remaining opponents will target them more often, so take them out early or do as much damage to the banner as you can before the Blues get knocked out.

    This combo is ideal for grinding, because it deals huge amounts of damage, shortening the battles immensely. Simply put, you collect more arena points because you can do more battles in the same time. With good equipment, 3 stars are pretty frequent, and quite often you end up with what I like to call a prefect arena win (3 opponent birds knocked out, own banner at full health, 51,000 points) in 2 or 3 rounds. Due to Resurrection and Sugar Rush, you can also turn around battles that start out bad.


    This is the combo I use the most:
    Banner: Sinister or Flame set with Retaliate
    Stone Guard with Dragon set or Cannoneer with Sugar Rush set
    Wizard with Phoenix set
    Marksmen with Beep set


    Here’s my favorite combo, I dub it the Wrecking Ball

    Banner: Flame Set with Retribution
    Paladin with Dragon set
    Wizard with Living Thunder Set/Phoenix Set
    Spies with Beep Beep Set

    (Helps to have Golden Chili)

    If you go first, use Chili on Chuck and congrats, you probably just won as after the dust settles and Red/Blues attack after the chili, the other team is probably wiped. If you have the Flame Set your chili bar will be filled up the turn right before the other team revives (sometimes after Red/Blues attack that round). Use it again on Chuck and that should finish off the enemy Banner.

    If you go second there’s a high chance that Chuck will be knocked out (Yes, even with Phoenix set, but at least this protects your other birds). Focus on weakening them as much as possible and don’t use your chili until he’s revived, even if when he revives he’ll be the only one up. If the enemy team is weakened enough when you use the chili it should finish them off and you can proceed to lay into the enemy banner.

    Weaknesses: Chili Shield can make this a tad tougher, especially if the enemy team is running Frozen/Blessed set as that negates a good amount of damage. Chili Block can also slow things down as you won’t be able to use the second chili, but if the fight drags on use it on Chuck when he revives.


    I just lost to an approximately equally matched team (Arena rating, and my lousy judgement before the battle). The overpowering strength of this team was Berserker combined with a vampiric emblem (it was on a blessed set). Berserker buffed the banner just about every chance he got, so basically the banner never lost health.

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