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  • HELP!!  What is the reward for finishing the tasty adventure in AB2?  There is an avatar of a coin with the number 1,500 beside it so I thought I would get 1500 ME coins but all I got was a 24 hour feather frenzy. Is this correct?  What’s the number 1,500 there for if you don’t get 1500 of anything?  I’m frustrated and pissed off!!  Can someone please explain it to me because I just don’t get it. Thanks!!

    Raeanna Wylde

    Leader of “Flocks Allot”

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  • Mzimoxs

    It’s 1500 minutes (25 hours) of Feather Frenzy.


    @mzimox ~ Thank you for clearing that up for me. That’s an asshole move on their part. You used to get a LC at the end or at least a high feather amount. At least now I know. Thanks again!!




    Well, depending on what you’re going to do in that 25 hours, this can be very much more valuable than a chest or some feathers. (E.g. if you are about to win a high ranked clan battle this gives an extra 12000 feathers plus double feathers from the legendary chest)


    Lately they’ve been having the final reward being a feather frenzy if it is an adventure with an already existing hat set.

    The legendary chest tends to be for ones with new hat sets.

    Doom Baby

    They realized they can make more money off you if they give you FF’s and TOF tickets as “rewards”.

    Whenever a FF is active, all of the chests stop giving out decent feather rewards which tricks you into thinking you’re not getting any value from the FF unless you BUY feathers – it’s just a scam.

    And when using a ticket for the TOF, you get no video, and you get many more pigs than usual because, once again, Rovio knows you’re going to BUY into it – just another scam.

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