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  • Apparently, the Card Level is the main boost for your bird power, but it’s complex to try to develop them to a higher level. For an example, my birds are at their level 20’s, and only two of them upgraded their card levels to Elder; while the rest of them are at their ordinary card levels.

    Though, the only way to master your birds is to search for feathers. Searching for feathers isn’t an easy task to do. Well, yes, there are actually plenty of ways to earn feathers, but most of them are tricky.

    Take the Arena as one of them. In the Arena, you would get a 65% chance of losing during battles. Yet, you would only end up earning a minimum of 2,100 feathers when you complete all 7 winning streaks (which honestly isn’t really much.)

    Plus, earning feathers by chests is another way which isn’t “really” tricky. You just pick a random card, and find yourself with 12,500 shiny feathers for one of your birds. But it’s not that simple; as most of the time, you would only get 100 feathers.

    The only easiest way to earn feathers is to get them by feeding your adorable Hatchling. Despite the fact that it takes approximately 5 apples (or way more) to avoid your hatchling from leaving, you got a whole day to earn them.

    Okay, does anyone have the same “problem”? Also, are there any “tips” to get lucky guesses on chests? If there is, go ahead and share it.



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  • RawDataSystems

    Tips for lucky guesses on chests? There are none. Other than “be lucky” or “pick the right card”.  Most of the time I’ll manage neither.



    You may pay for a continue or two if you get something like this.


    And when you pay, you’ll get the 750 feathers.


    Paid twice and got the other black feather reward and one of the pearls. The next continue would cost 500 gems but I didn’t paid that time. That 750 feather reward was too small for that much and I don’t mind the pearls as I got all non-x10 sets.


    I recently got 12,500 feathers for Silver, and now she’s the strongest bird in the flock with a Card Level of 12.

    Plus, I also missed a chance of getting 12,500 feathers for either Terence or Red when I ranked up, and it sucks.


    If ya’ll think the cards are ‘random’, they are not! Rovio determines what you get and if you keep ‘buying’ another card Rovio will give you the lowest amount left, and the cost of the cards increase exponentially until you use massive amounts of gems.

    The cards are ‘rigged’ as is most of the game.

    No skill anymore, the ‘luck’ factor is not in play due to Rovio determining what we get as rewards and how many gems we are willing to give up.

    IMO, if anyone really thinks the cards are random, they have an extremely optimistic view of the Rovio gaming world!


    I have had the same experience as you, it’s always the lowest card, except they may throw me a bone every tenth or so. I must stop and count to 3 now before I foolishly throw them my money or I get sucked into the moment.


    Oh… so it’s not just me who nearly always seem to pick lowest cards, then?

    Main account 229 days, FTP account 162 days. All in all, I’ve picked best reward whopping 17 times from Rare and Legendary Chests. Common Chests are not good enough to really matter and feather rewards… I’ve had not much better luck with them, either.



    Odds are against you. Chances of getting top item in rare chests is only 1 %. So 99 % times on average you will losse, and 1 % you’ll win.


    Of course the odds are against me, but I don’t mean the absolute top reward there can be. I’m talking about the best there is within those 5 cards offered at a time. The chances should be 1:5 (or 20%) and I happen to find that best card extremely rarely. Even more so, if there are something exceptionally good in the mix. I’m not counting those times where all the rewards are pitiful… like few different batches of 100 feathers, chili and Pigflator.




    The same thing happened to me in one of the normal chests, there are three crappy spell cards and two 10 gems card, I picked a spell card, and tried to watch 2 videos to get the 10 gems cards, but of course they gave me the other 2 spell cards, and 100 gems were needed to get one of the remaining gem cards. Who the hell on earth will even pay 100 gems for 10 gems!? Absolutely ridiculous.


    the odds are not 1 in 5 for any cards in rare or legendary… click on the (i) button for details.


    @cognitive, it looks like we are not talking about same thing.

    Me: What are the odds of picking best of these five card offered?

    You: What are the odds that certain rewards end up being available in those five cards?


    Angry Turd

    65% chance of losing an Arena battle? More like a 90% chance of winning from bulbs 1-7 dropping down to 75% from 8-10. That is playing straight up without spells. Include spells and it is nearly 100% from 1-10.


    Old post, now I’ve gotten a bit better at writing and more used to the game.


    What are the chances of getting 4 epic loot cards in a one rare chest?  That’s a great legendary chest.

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