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  • How is everyone doing?

    It’s nice to have all the hats for a change. I’m stuck on level 7. I had one micro pig left in the last room, but I wasn’t going to spend any gems. I know I can get through it. :)

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  • SB311

    Finally finished level 7 and once again the rewards were pretty lame not legendary. I picked 4000 pink feathers. :/ At least there was a card for 15000 black feathers, but I will never pay 900 gems even if I had them to spare.


    Finished the adventure by paying once on level 7. Got 4k black feathers, all cards were the same level. That’s the reason I never buy a legendary chest for gems. A good reward is too rare and you still have to pick it.


    I’m almost impressed:  I’ve been playing Angry Birds 2 for a long, long time now and I’ve never seen a level that cheats more than level 5 of the current adventure.  Rovio must be so proud.

    Seriously, the number of improbably surviving pigs on this level is truly something to behold.  Not something good, and definitely not something fun, but it is, well…  something.


    Glad it’s not just me thinking level 5 beggars belief.

    The most improbable thing I’ve seen is yellow bouncing back off a TNT at 180 degrees, and no it wasn’t encased in concrete.

    Rewards aren’t worth getting stressed about but agree the level is something else.


    Yeah level 5 was a real pain in the a*s, just created for sucking gem. But I manage to beat it without giving them any of my precious goods. Level 6 and 7 are pretty doable with only birds in the deck. Tried few times with yt walkthroughs, but I made it in my own way. And from the chest I won enormous thousands of feathers… Just 7k.


    The clock was ticking and my patience was about exhausted, so when I finally made it to the last room on 6, I donated 60 gems. The key for me was getting a strike in the first room by aiming Terence almost straight down on the left side of the stone structure, causing the bird to bounce over and wipe out the structure on the right. Wish I had thought to do that a few hours earlier.

    Level 7 seemed easier somehow. I sailed right through it until the last room when I only had a $%#@! blizzard. Another 60 gems in the coffer, cause no way was I getting that close and coming up empty. Maybe because it was getting late in the challenge we went into pity mode but the chest coughed up 15,000 red feathers.

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