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  • Anyone care to play devil’s advocate and explain how this is possible?

    First, check my screenshot

    During an Arena battle, my opponent’s Hal level was a 657. This was during the x3 Hal event, but still a bit high! That gives their Hal an organic level of 219, but their other birds are only 89.

    I didn’t get my opponent’s total FP, but it was only the 3rd game of the Arena, so their FP would have been similar to mine, give or take maximum 50 FP either way.

    Here’s the kicker… those three birds in the screenshot total 835 FP alone. My total FP with all 8 birds is 857. That’s a gap of just 22, which means my opponent’s other 5 birds have an average level between 1-15 each.

    Smell the fish!

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  • VisumDnB

    Pretty sure angry birds coding isn’t right for arena battles when the triple bird power isn’t right. When playing the arena I think it further triples your opponents score, in your instance his Hal would have been level 219 but it shows it as 657. It doesn’t actually give them the 657 level though, just a bug.

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