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  • Hi there, over the past few days I’ve received multiple friend requests from someone named “ET”. Looking at the profile, it was established 7 months ago, updated 4 months ago, and never posted/responded to a single topic.

    But in the last three days, this profile became friends with 75 other people and I’m assuming this will continue to grow.

    Anybody have any interaction with this profile? Better yet ET or @esa-tarkiainen, why so friendly?

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  • gumby

    @gls96743 Yes I got a request from ET as well. It seems some people just request friendships from lots of people randomly. It happens quite often. I decline or ignore friend requests from people that I have never spoken with before unless its somebody well known in the Angrybirds community. I feel somebody should actually chat with you before wanting to become friends.


    @gumby thanks. I’m a suspicious person with too much time on my hands! Esa Tarkiainen is a Finnish name (if Google is telling me the truth…). Seeing how that Rovio is also based in Finland, my overactive imagination is thinking that Rovio’s trying new a sort of outreach program…


    @gjs96743 You’re welcome and sorry for the name typo before. Angry birds is making me blind.


    @gjs96743 have accepted ET request, see what you mean.however The player has been active quite a lot. Have had requests from people before looking for coins, don’t know how to transfer anyway.ET don’t seem to be doing any harm,but will be keeping a eye. Every now and again I do a purge and if they have not been active for over 3mths then they are out. Exception will be rat whom is unfortunately no longer with us

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Suspicious Friend Requests

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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