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  • Sorry for long winded rant. Here’s TL;DR – There is no consistency in AB2. Wild magic has to be involved! Not spending more money for beta code!


    A week ago I faced AB2-killing situation as my tablet broke. However, things went down better than I expected. Apparently tablet did not needed re-flashing or reset, so AB2 installation survived and with it my progress did, too.

    Sure, I lost week worth of gem letters and I was unable to keep 1st place on Arena to get those yummy jewels. No hats or anything from Tower of Disaster either, while tablet was in service. What was a big surprise was that Phoenix, my miserable hatchling survived week without feeding! As soon as I checked it, the one hour countdown for feeding started.

    One thing I am curious for: Did any in-game changes happen between week ago and now? I’m asking, because not only the game looks visually better, like going from SD to HD… but abilities of the birds seem to be more powewful than before! Well, at least when they work at all… and that brings (yet another) weird experience with AB2 in last Arena match:

    Broke just a few blocks with two birds, as their abilities were not working at all. Got millions of points with both. Next bird vaporized practically everything in the room. Got only few tens of thousands of points.

    How did the match end? Both out of birds. I had 25 million points, opponent only 20 million. Still got “watch video to improve your score”? After video, opponent had magically 27.5 million points! Where those 7.5 million points came from when there were no birds to get them?! It’s not first time this happens!

    While writing this, small part of one structure just fell and I gained million points.
    After that, my given-for-video Red destroyed half of one small structure and somehow killed even pig from other structure, apparently by magic. My ending score was 29.5 million points.

    Points are awarded apparently by random chance and too many things in game happen or don’t without any rules, logic or consistency. I even got yet another hat that I’ve already had long time. I will not spend more money after these gem letters, until the game is fixed. Currently it’s only barely beta level.


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    @rawdatasystems this game is rigged, indeed. So never ever spend your hard-earned money on this insignificant game. In fact, if rovio is going to keep up with  this absurdity I will quit this game for good.


    When I start a new game, I may use some money if the game feels interesting enough. Specially if I’m getting hours of entertainment from the game. If I lose interest, not to mention get pissed off too much by the game, I’m closing my wallet! Basically, I’m willing to pay a bit for having fun, but not getting conned/swindled or robbed by greedy author.


Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Still not out of the game and more…

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