Stella Pop update

  • On android the new version is 1.1.16. There are 20 new levels and more importantly – a lot of people will agree – timeouts have been changed. Didn´t check anything else but level 22 was 90 sec instead is now 120 sec.

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  • burbman

    Update hit on iOS as well, within the last half hour.


    Wow! I guess I deleted too soon, but I don’t think I want to play it anyway.


    Level 11 has been fixed.

    After many many tries, I could not come close to three-starring Level 11. After the update today, I three-starred on my first try.

    This game is of much lower quality than the flagship Angry Birds games. I’m not real happy with it.


    I hope it will work on my device…fingers crossed…X ;-/

    Mighty Red

    This update has significantly lowered many levels’ 3-star thresholds, but levels 52, 57 and 58 are still practically impossible to 3-star.


    Update to 1.1.16 no longer runs on Intel-based architecture. Immediate crash. This is just like Space and Epic (but Epic was fixed).

    Anyone else able to run 1.1.16 on an Intel-based tablet?

    Dang, would have been nice to see those lower thresholds — I was still stuck trying to three-star 9 and 11.

    Will submit support ticket with Rovio, and hopefully they stop breaking all their games on Intel chipsets.


    EDIT: Rovio got back to me almost immediately with a response to my support request. They said to force an install of the Google Play version of Stella Pop again, and now the Intel version would install (there is apparently a lag in the different chipset deployment). I did that, and BAM, it runs fine. Immediately three-starred level 9 and am close on 11, so I am a happy camper. *smile*


    @mighty-red-1 — It appears that the time limit on level 46 has not been increased?? Is it different on different devices?

    Mighty Red

    @mvnla2 Both iOS and Android now run the same version of the game, so everything should be identical.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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