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  • Not sure if anyone noticed but when the starburst promo started, there has been no more video ads for extra birds in any stages (normal play and arena both). Is this a bug of Rovio once again?


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  • 3star-jeff

    I have encountered this too. Very annoying!!


    I haven’t seen any Starburst promo but I’ve had no video ads since Monday.


    In the last two days, in the Arena, I have logged in approximately 10 times to get my 2 free Arena entries. After playing the 1st free entry, I have seen that “Watch a Video for Another Free Entry” only twice in 10 logins. I did see it today (Mar. 3) in one of two logins.


    Winning extra birds still works, but in the arena there ist no more video ad to play one more game.
    Only one game in three hours since March 1st.


    I haven’t seen this Starburst promo thing at all, but I haven’t been getting videos either. I’ve gotten a couple, so they haven’t stopped completely, but I also had an arena match and a regular level where I didn’t get the opportunity to watch a video.


    The Starburst ads are really irritating me. Not only do I get the ad every time I open the game, but I no longer get to use the free spell. It’s worthless, but at least a couple of days ago, using the spell (which you had to do when it was offered) eliminated the ad for the rest of the day.


    The extra arena game adverts have started again for me, but I no longer get the chance of an extra card by watching a video advert when losing at the end of a game.

    I don’t come to this game with any expectations anymore. I don’t expect it to work as it did the day before. I don’t expect any benefits. They should really name it AB2FUBAR.

    And still no sign of a Starburst promo.




    I don´t get Starburst promos, probably because I don´t live in the US.
    Why don´t you file a direct complaint in Starburst´s FB page?
    It has worked for me in the past, for similar situations.
    Kind regards.


    @kedik22 – Hi, I don’t live in the US either.

    To be honest, I don’t want any Starburst promo. I was posting to highlight a variance in AB2.

    I also suspended my FB page about six months ago!

    Thanks for trying to help though:)
    But like AB2, I’m beyond it ;)

    The offer of watching a video after losing an Arena match has returned though.

    Had a new experience today! Greyed out opponent received a card. I played my three remaining cards, then they used their card.

    It seems Rovio has tailored AB2 so that one player doesn’t experience the same (rules/game play) as any other.



    Hi again.
    I hear you.
    What I don´t understand is the passiveness of Rovio at addressing real problematic issues.
    They are as obscure as politicians.
    I am also playing AB Friends; you should see the mess they have with cheaters, hackers, glitches and bugs!!!
    BTW, cool avatar…



    Hi, thanks for comment on the avatar :)

    I do play ABfriends but tend to play a level, then watch videos for free! items, play until the video option has expired then come back the next day. Must only spend 15 mins a day on that game.

    Regarding Rovio being obscure, you are correct. I think they over extended themselves as a games company. They’ve got a great game and concept in AB but have added too many games and offshoots to their portfolio. Things didn’t work out as they planned in cornering a larger share of the game market, and this led to a large number of staff losing their jobs. We are seeing the fallout in bugs, glitches, cheats and hackers having a free reign, poorly implemented ideas, poor programming, difficulty in getting support, etc, etc.

    Moral must be fairly low at Rovio as I believe more job cuts were announced last year but have not been carried out, yet. I maybe wrong with the last sentence but think it’s correct.

    To survive, they probably need to drop some of their games and refocus on what made Rovio great. Easier said than done, but they need to stop the seemingly continuing loss of players.

    I don’t mind spending a few pounds here and there to play AB2, but I fall well short of what Rovio seem to expect me to pay. And the more they push me to spend, the further I step away from their games.

    Delano Jennings

    Why is there ads anyways? I noticed the older games are even worse! Last year after having a problem with my iPad, the Apple Store deleted all my progress somehow and I lost everything! Had to start from beginning for every game I had beat. But now the early games are flooded with ads!

    I understand the ones for AB2 allowing you to earn extra birds & coins etc. but early games have gone as crazy.

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