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  • Stupid question time… What is the purpose of the Star Rank? I know it increases periodically when you rank up, but does it have an impact on anything other than bragging rights?

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    I think Star Rank is basically a way of showing how long a player has played for or how committed they are.  However most players use it as a gauge to judge whether another player is a cheater or not.

    For example a day or two ago there was a ‘player’ in the top 5 of the boot camp with a star rank of 999.  That would be an impossible rank to reach.

    Also you see players who have flock power 900+ with star rank of about 10.  Which is also not realistic.


    Each game feature unlocks at a specific star rank. Once you unlocked everything it’s just a number indicating how much you’re playing. And of course you get a bonus rare chest when you rank up.

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    According to rovio low star rank and high fp does not mean someone is cheating lol. At least thats what they told me about the last cheating clan we battled. Guys with 700 fp and star rank 10. Made no sense but they say well maybe they just arent playing things that earn stars but i dont believe that to be possible as most everyone plays the arena.


    But to answer OP question it does nothing honestly.  No bonus for having high star rank


    When all the birds are unlocked, in what SR one is? I never paid attention to it…

    OTOH, whether you can reach 700 FP at SR 10, I have no idea whatsoever. No Arena, no maps… I don’t think so.



    star rank 10 and FP 700? easy.

    Pay to Rovio to buy huge amount of gems, then open chests as many as you could….

    That’s why very few players with low star rank (below 50) and high FP have not been banned. You dont know how much money they had paid…some of them have spent more than 40k US dollars for this game…..Insane…well, it’s their money…


    But then if someone pays a huge amount of money it would be insane to not play the features and raise their SR.

    As for SR 10 and FP 700, did you check the league they were in?  If Vanilla then there is a possibility that the person could be a genuine player but if Diamond or Legendary, not a chance.


    Then, the only question is: What is the lowest SR you can have when you have all the birds unlocked.

    Whether paying or not, one must advance in the map and collect stars, thereby increasing ones SR…



    star rank 10 means a player has accumulated 325 stars, if played map only, she/he might reach level 100, which is quite enough to unlock all birds.

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    Courtesy of Viking Birds. Hope this helps :)

    Viking Birds #76330 = 1000 FP (or higher)
    Viking Birds II #190105 = 850 FP (or higher)
    Viking Birds³ #212732 = 700 FP (or higher)

    ____   ___.__ __   .__                __________.__           .___      
    \   \ /   |__|  | _|__| ____   ____   \______   |_________  __| _/______
     \   Y   /|  |  |/ |  |/    \ / ___\   |    |  _|  \_  __ \/ __ |/  ___/
      \     / |  |    <| | | / /_/ >  |    |   |  ||  | \/ /_/ |\___ \ 
       \___/  |__|__|_ |__|___|  \___  /   |______  |__||__|  \____ /____  >
                      \/       \/_____/           \/               \/    \/ 

    Official Clan Rules:
    Discord Group Chat:


    Bottom line, star rank is just a trophy, notches in your belt. Doesn’t impact game play.


    I have a FP of 663 with Bubbles but only 41 stars so may look bad but it’s because I don’t play the arena unless I have to, got tired of the unfairness of it. People who do play it regularly and win are going to have a higher star power.

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