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  • Hey all, I’m curious on what I might be missing regarding spark runs.  My main is lvl 15 Superion promoted to 145%, my 2nd is lvl 14 Devastator (95%) and my 3rd is a lvl 13 Energon Starscream (@95%).

    I wish I can remember which spark run I’m at (mb 41 or something), but as most know, Superion is pretty darn destructive. I pretty much destroyed every block, tower, tree, present, snowman, etc, possible.  Almost nothing left. However, I only did enough “damage” to fill the first block and most of the 2nd. So even with my promotion status it didn’t fill it up enough to get the bonus. It’s the first time I didn’t get a bonus but usually I only fill up maybe 2 1/2 of the meter up top.

    Question is, if I’m destroying pretty much everything possible there is to destroy, how come my destruction meter is barely moving? Is there some sort of nerf for Superion where he only gets half of the destruction points or something?

    Sort of the same thing with challenge runs. 145% (1 red), I’m still only scoring between 300-600 points (even though I destroy pretty much everything), unless they massively boost it or I fight that big buy in the bubble which gives me about 2.3k points.


    Also, strangely enough and recent. I never really used to take damage in challenge runs. I just had my emp rounds upgraded with defense, I have 43% now I believe. I don’t get hit by any missiles, etc in challenge runs, yet I now have lost a heart in almost every run in the last day, since I hit lvl 15, since the update to Christmas, since my emp round upgrade.

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  • Pinokio

    @vino Even at max Spark run level and with 5 top promoted bots +210% each it’s always luck when I can get all sparks, and bonus … bonus for watching ad now buged, no button atm. About missiles, Superion and whole Combiners are imune against them. Also damage in missions and events is lower then in spark run. I think you talking about Events, not Chalenge run, because in Challenge run damage is increasing every level, and at 3-4 lvl Superion is one shot chicken for shotgun pig.


    I also am missing the bonus video option when the Spark Run has been completed.


    @papakarlo . Maybe it is the Events one, it’s the one where you get 4 runs and they recharge every hour. I thought it was the challenge run only because there’s a new “challenge” (things to somewhat focus on) daily. I’m not sure I even know what the challenge run is then, the only 2 things I’m really able to do is the spark runs and events.  But yeah, I don’t understand the spark run at all.  When i posted this I had cleared the whole first stage, destroying pretty much everything, and only received maybe a 1/4 of destruction points, not even filling 2 of the meters after the whole run. Strange.

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