Spark run and challenge run problems

  • While doing today’s spark run, using Superion, I noticed the following problems

    1 The head disappeared whenever I opened fire

    2 There appeared to be fewer targets, less to hit and fewer gold blocks.  This leads to lower scoring and slower gain towards the score goal

    I didn’t bother completing the run, as it would take too long

    I also attempted a challenge run, with Superion and Omega Supreme, with similar bugs.

    Anyone else experiencing these problems?

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  • Poncho

    I have the same problems.  I’ve also noticed that at least 2 characters have been rendered nonviable – Ultimate Megatron and Energon Megatron.  You either have to spend a gem to play with a different character, or wait for them to expire.

    Somebody had to try very hard to screw up the game this badly!


    Having the same problems with various characters on various levels. Frustrating.


    Been having many issues since the weekend. No response from support. They could at the very least roll the game back to the previous version.


    I actually did receive 2 responses from support.  They think they “might” have found the cause of the problems and “might” have a solution soon.  Not very convincing, but a response nonetheless.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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