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  • CaptSternn

    Clans? Is that what the “Coming Soon” is? Not seeing any changes here.

    Power Pork

    Rovio sort of confirmed it in a comment on facebook… and some people say they already have it.


    Yes some of my friends in the group I run have it, they’ve posted screenshots. I still don’t have it either :( So I assume slow roll out (make sure there are no bugs). You can join up with clans (max 50), and then do tasks apparently similar to the daily challenge to earn points for your clan. Points give rewards, seemingly feathers.

    Epic Buttstomp

    Given AB2 already 2 yrs old, what extra rewards can Rovio possibly give to keep us old timers interested?


    Clans are in AB Evolution and it is good to have one especially when special bird event is on. Rewards for being in a clan is good so far.


    I just joined a clan from my birth country. I got to say, Angry Birds does not seem to be a priority there :).

    Cute concept. Also did anyone notice streak 2 instead of 100 feathers is now 50 pearls?


    I just got the update! Here are some screenshots from the new clan system



    Good job Shiggy, you are currently in the world’s strongest Angry Birds 2 clan! I hope you’re enjoying it, keep it up!

    For the players that still don’t have access; I can confirm that we are doing a slow rollout to make sure all our systems work as expected. If everything goes as planned you’ll all have access to Clans within just a couple of days. So far so good!

    Take care


    I’m sure it’s well worth the wait, and I understand the slow roll out. Just want to start experimenting with everything. So many questions.

    1. What controls do you have as clan creator?
    2. How easy is it to switch clans?
    3. Can you switch clans before the 12 hours is up? If so what happens? Do points carry with you? Does your clan keep the points, or do they disappear?
    4. Can you remove inactive members from the clan?
    5. How does clan chat work?
    6. How high do the gem “play again” go? Is there an upper limit? Same pattern as ToF? Can you just keep playing if you have the gems?


    Ok ryan-kochie:

    1. Clan creator: not created one yet, just joined an existing one.

    2. Switch clans: just click the “leave clan” button. Our clan is doing well, I’m just waiting what’s going to happen, so I don’t want to leave yet.

    3. I think the backward running time is comparable with the ToF. It started with 17 hours. So I guess I get a free game after the time is over. The maximum points the clan can reach is 150, right now we’re at 117, and there are still 11 hours left. Each win from any player is 3 points maximum (first game 1 point, 2nd 2 points, then 3 points from the 3rd game on, a loss are 2 points minus). So in 2 or 3 hours we may reach the 150 points and get the cup. I wonder what happens then- is the clan dissolving? Is the point level increasing to 300? Don’t know, just have to wait. One thing is for sure, every clan member will get the rewards that come up every 15 points, and the three highest ranked players will get their pearls (first 450, 2nd 300, 3rd 150).

    4. Don’t know

    5. Chat is for all 50 clan members. Low activity here

    6. Playing again is stated 20 gems-60-100-200 (not going higher than 200)

    There is a clan ranking I still don’t understand: starting with Gold up to Diamond. Our “Wagyu Burger” clan is at Esmerald. Clan power is 10,530. “Reach clan power 4,470 to unlock the next rank”. We are already beyond that..


    I have it, bit lame so far as to progress the points required to gain better rewards requires gems to proceed. There is some promise in the concept but early days

    Also the update seems to have reset every level I have completed to a score of 1! but that at least means I can go through them again for a lot of easy stars and level ups

    The Daily Tasks keeps flashing despite having completed everything.

    The send a gift looks like its fixed but I am still yet to receive a gift.

    Finally the slingshot upgrade feat has been rectified

    Mechanic Pig

    The update should be available to everyone by August 4th.


    August 4th? I might die by then lol. Thanks for answering my questions. Also do you have to clan with those in your country? A lot of my friends are international, would love to be in a clan with them. Or at least in same timezone. As I’m Canadian most of my country is in different timezones, but I know a lot of people south of the border in the same timezone. Looks like some working together which would be nice, plus some friendly fast paced competition within the clan to keep people active.


    I don’t have the update yet, but after reading the comments both here (across 2 or 3 threads) plus all the comments on FB, I am starting to be thankful the update hasn’t arrived.

    Based on the most repeated comments updating appears to reset all of your map level scores back to 1, it wipes out/erases your gem and pearl counts or severely depletes them (and in my case that is potentially over 50k of each), and a lot of the freezing issues are persisting.

    So basically a 2 month wait to have bugger all fixed, and only more issues introduced?

    Oh but apparently the slingshot feat and maybe the friends gifts are fixed :/

    Please tell me that is not the case @hank



    The clan idea is good, but commensurate with Rovio’s greed, too little reward.

    Today’s first was easy, second was impossible. Like, 6 rooms each needing 3 birds. Forget that, given the meager reward.



    That it’s pay to play really sucks, especially for such lame awards.


    Trip down memory lane :-)



    Tagged old post for Ryan, lol.


    Thanks for the memories :)

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