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  • Hey guys,

    I’ve been wondering for the past few months if I should quit.

    I’m on level 812 and I have seen just what the sh*t Rovio have done to the game.

    This game has increased in IAPs since they added the Daily Deals feature (just another pointless addition to the shop).

    The Tower of Misfortune has taken away all my gems and I am really tempted to spend some money in the game. It has just become a source of anger for me.

    Rovio don’t add any good updates to the game. Each update is basically a new hat set which can only be obtained through the Tower of Misfortune for a limited time. Most of these hats are exotic, therefore 10 000 black pearls. What is the point of hats, anyway?

    Not only that, they focus on Angry Birds 2 like it’s their only hope because it is bringing in more money than other games. They even discontinued their absolute masterpieces (Go 1.0, Epic, Star Wars II) over THIS piece of garbage?

    The daily challenges are also real bad. One, most of the bosses have blocked exits, and they don’t even show you the level that you’re gonna play in the DC.

    The KPP is even worse. 5-wave battles, most of them with blocked exits (final level) and worst of all, NO ADS FOR EXTRA BIRDS? My god, I can’t believe this game went from masterpiece to pay-to-win. I’d rather play Angry Birds Match over this!

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  • Maci

    Hi there,

    I fully understand your frustration and I agree with all your words!

    I’ve come to the point many times that it’s a shame to waste my time and money on the game, but I’m the founder of a small, but enthusiastic clan and I don’t want to let my clanmates down, so I keep playing.

    I wish you all the best!


    And that’s if you can even log onto the game.  My Win 10 version keeps crashing half the time and I have to reset to get back on.


    I had the same problem with my Win 10, and could solve it with creating a new user profile on my PC. I use the new user profile of mine solely for playing AB2.

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