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  • Optimus_Pig


    Yes, the spark run is the only reason I’m even considering overpowering EWB.

    As I mentioned in the spark run thread, she is extremely vulnerable – I haven’t been able to get her through a single zone so far.

    But is overpowering from L15 to L16 enough?

    I may just give up on using EWB entirely, and go back to my previous lineup.

    L16 gives her a +53% boost, but as someone else pointed out, we have no idea how that 53% spreads out.  Is it 53% to ALL stats, or is it +1% to firepower and +52% to vehicle time?


    I might also consider overpowering EWB and spending a few gems to top up and get EGL’s Top Hat (cooldown) accessory.

    Overpowering EGL seems to be a waste of time.


    @optimuspig At Lv 25 you will see the difference. A single level increase is really not enough to see the changes.

    According to the fb page, E-Shockwave receives double damage compare to Shockwave. Maybe it’s also the same with other Energon variants.



    Realistically, I’m never going to hit L25 on any of my TFs.



    Almost got sniped at the last minute.

    I got super busy at work and almost forgot about the end of the day.

    About two hours before the end, I was in #1 spot with a 75K point lead.

    When I logged in with barely five minutes left, #2 was only 5K behind me!!

    I managed to rattle off two quick runs and shut things down with just under 60 second left on the countdown.

    #1 spot held.

    I can now say that I came in first 5/6 days, and maxed out the Challenge 6/6 days!

    Too bad about Day 1, where I came in #2 – but I decided to promote EWB a bit late, and was never able to catch up (not to mention #1 was spending crazy gems on recharging).


    Still haven’t decided if I should overpower EWB or if I should go for accessories.

    Decisions, decisions.


    Tough event, was able to get the crappy new character and all of his accessories, also all the other needed accessories and all the sparks. I need a break. Here’s hoping for a Halloween event, I probably don’t need many if any Halloween hats.

    The Dark Knight

    I like the new E. Shockwave way more than the lame unworthy regular Shockwave… And for those who might remeber that 2nd event… Back then Shockwave when he ws first introduced it was costed 9000 tokens and back then it wans’t there the option to buy off him with gems nor ther was any bundles available… But back then at list at iOS it was a major glitch…

    I remember playing at my iPhone 6 Plus one round with 4 nodes and i made a recharge for 10 gems and i continue. Then i closed my game i open immediately my iPad i ran the game the heavenly iCloud that is connected via Game Center kicked in and transfer my already won tokens to the iPad i open the event and yeap i played without need to re-charge a new round four nodes and i re-reload with 10 gems again and with 20 gems all together i have gained a good distance. And i did the same move again with second iPhone i had back then a heroic iPhone 5… And yeap i played one new round free and one more with 10 more gems re-charge. Awesome!

    But that heavenly event glitch overcame but i did won with very small amount of gems around 100 gems on reloads all the 9 days of the event… If i remember correctly i was around Christmas…

    And also except the winner’s tokens they were giving it depends on the day some times free gems or coins…

    And here is a video from the past when the en/icons was working perfect… Ah beloved photoblast…


    This event was surprisingly better than planned. Was just going to go for sparks and coins, so I started each day 8-9 hours in to get a good night sleep. Finished 2nd or 3rd every day and reached a decent token level. With daily quests and steel crates, ended up with 9985 tokens, so I spent the 8 gems to get EWinblade. Now I just have 3 empty slots.


    In the end, I decided to overpower EWB to L16 (may or may not have been a bad idea, given that it’s apparently been nerfed by the latest update) plus EGL’s Top Hat accessory.

    No point in accessorizing a TF (E. Shockwave) that I would never voluntarily play.


    Mine goal is to have all new bots, so in this and all events that are providing new bot, my only goal is to get the new one. Already have new from this event this morning, so my list of bots is full again :).

    Daniel Cho

    Good event. Had enough tokens to buy all spark packages.

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