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  • For anyone looking to have a fast start, I am selling my Angry Birds 2 account, consisting of:

    – current level (while in Pride event) is 419, while normal level 370-380

    – lvl 1 and lvl 2 hats all taken; 44 lvl 3 hats, 8 lvl 4 hats, 23 lvl 6 hats, 7 lvl 10 hats, and 1 lvl 11 hats

    – as a bonus I’m offering 100k pearls ready to be spent

    Account is not linked to facebook yet, so you can use it as your own. Any other details, screenshots please contact me at [email protected]


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  • Yue

    LOL, this kind of level could be achieved in a month…..and you want to sell? doesnt worth a dime…



    @yue-zhang I have same FP , I compared the hats , he has way more. Also has an 11 hat – no such thing unless they don’t show for the lowly. If he spent enough money to win that many pearls  to buy all those hats and have a hundred k of them left, then he would have got a lot of feathers  too and be way higher FP. Notice no mention of map level attained, star rank , #of gems, etc. This has to be a hacked up cheat engine account.


    I’ll buy it! I just need you to send $1000 in bitcoin to my offshore account to cover processing fees and taxes.


    Your account is worthless.  If a genuine new player wants to achieve anything they will do it off of their own back.  If a player is desperate to have as high FP and slingshot as possible then they will probably cheat their way to the ‘top’.



    Surprised of all the hate. If you are not interested, I’d appreciate you dont comment.

    To humor Yue, for sure you cannot get the stats in 1 month. 6 months is a more realistic timeframe with casual play for upgrade birds and get hats, maybe 4 for non-stop playing and some luck. I am not aware of any hacks, if you use any, then good for you.

    If no offers by tomorrow, I will simply delete the game as I dont intend to play it anymore, and for sure not trying to get rich with it ;-)



    8 000 pearls available, FP level 600.

    All hat set 1-4 has been completed.


    come on, as your original post stated FP 370-380, first thing to do is to spend a little to get tickets, then play arena a lot. Take every chance to get free chest…and most important, join a clan that complete all events….you would get that fast…yes, in a month. Of course, a casual player would not achieve that……I admit…


    I’d be interested in purchasing an account. Not this one, but if someone had one in the 800-1000 FP range, I’d be interested.



    Some pics with the account. FP 640. Lots of spells available.







    LOL, you just spent your 100k peals in purchasing hats to levelp up FP… way to go…2 weeks…..suggest you to just uninstall it

    Pretty sure selling your account would be a ToS violation anyway. Well I guess that would only be a problem for the buyer 😆


    I’m just wondering how to estimate price tag to a AB2 player account. For example, over 2 years playing 754 days,  some 250 euros actual money invested, FB 680 without Stella. At least 1h play time in a day. If a supermarket worker gets 5 euros per hour taxes already paid does that mean I can put a price tag like 4000.- euros? Hahahaa… Dream on… Not to mention that time is taken from the quality time I should spend with my wife and kids :(


    Nevermind, I am not trying to get rich.

    If I would sell it would it be for something like 60E. Surely, that’s cheap for one that could want a quick start, and a lot cheaper than buying boxes.


    I can sell you mine. my level is 156 – have invested a lot of money. make me an offer. br

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