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  • So I updated my phone software to the new One UI Version 1.0 Android Version 9 and now the screen is cut off in Angry Birds Epic. I wrote customer support and found out they are not working on the game anymore which explains why there hasn’t been an update in months. Would anyone know of a fix so I can see everything again? Included is a screen shot of the game after I updated my phone software.

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  • ddiequez

    The same thing happened to me when I got an update for my Samsung last week.  Unfortunately, I don’t know how to fix it.


    I saw the subject when logging to other forum and decided to pop one quoestion about this: Have you checked that the game is set to run full screen at phone settings? The Pie update seems to mess device settings sometimes.

    While I have S9, I decided not to update to Pie yet. Still, I’ve seen many of these questions when I researched is the update too early or is it worth of it.

    Mind you, I’m not aware of exact place where the opton is in Pie, but in Oreo it’s here:

    Options > Display > Full screen apps

    As I’m just guessing, I can only hope this can help you find some answers. I could be wrong, of course…



    After I updated and started Epic and noticed the difference I went through all the settings. Tried changing the screen resolution and everything. Under the Display settings it says that the games is optimized to run Full Screen. Yet everything is cut off.


    I have the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy A50 with Android 9 Pie. I’ve tried changing the full screen settings for the game, but that only makes it worse. If you have a rooted phone (not me), you could try using a screen resolution changer app that only runs when you’re playing Angry Birds Epic, so that the game thinks you have a regular 16:9 screen and doesn’t get cut off (it will have black bars on the edges instead). I don’t want to root, so I’ll have to look for another solution.

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