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  • cams

    Hmmm… I’ll need a more direct answer to the secret sticker #10. I thought it might be using the shockwave to win after using up all the other birds but it didn’t work.

    And another idea I just got while posting the above. Is it to use the shockwave at the start and killing all pigs with only that?


    @sahil-gagrai Thanks for the great forum! good idea :D

    This is SG

    @cams I don’t want to spoil that. I’ll give you a more informative hint- You can’t restart a level in the league, so the only option to retry is to….. That’s all I can give.

    , Thank you by the way! I’ll update this forum every time I got something spicy about AB! Did u know that this forum was first called ‘SG’s Board of Angry Birds’, but I later changed it so it does not feel like a private thing.


    Thanks. But I already figured it out. Can’t believe how long it took me to actually do that lol. Also since I already saw the image, (silhouette was already clear anyway) that gave me the wrong idea.

    Power Pork

    AB Evolution is out on google play now…
    Making AB Holiday the only soft-launched AB Game not being available on Android.

    This is SG

    22 September, 2016

    Hi friends! today I got one amazing news. ABFight might get an update, which makes it similar to ABEpic. Here’s a leaked screen(sling)shot from one of the FB groups.

    You found this easter egg! I don't thought you read alt. text.

    This picture seems to have a new quest called the “Egg Rescue Quest“. The reward seems to be new items for birds, or pigs (or new pig buddies). What are your thoughts about it? Let me know below.

    This is SG

    29 September, 2016

    The ripping of files in ABFight is still going on, and somebody found some unused assets which are likely to be introduced in an update. Here are some of the pics from one of the FB groups.

    New Quests?

    On between, you can see two quest banners, one is an Egg Rescue Quest (which I said earlier) and the egg looks more like it would be actually a prize in it, but more rarer. Another is a Perfect Combo Quest, which is maybe a quest in which your reward will be depending on combos. Not sure if it will be included or scrapped.

    New slot too?

    Looks like an exclusive slot for the “Egg Rescue Quest”

    Pigs! Did you read this? Go here.

    Pigs’ sabotage icons. Used for “Perfect Combo Quest”. Looks like they will be just normal pigs, but harder to KO. (Don’t mind that odd mad face on the top-right corner.)

    Going to ripoff the game? Share it down!
    (Did you try finding secrets in this post in HTML?)

    This is SG

    11 December, 2016

    Hey friends! Long time no see, or should you said it? Anyways. I’ve find out that a new AB movie series is coming. It is called Angry Birds Blues! True to it’s name, this series contains the beloved Blue trio and the Hatchlings, doing their own business, creativity and pranks! This is a 30-episode series, so it would last pretty much long. I already thought that the Blues should have their own series since Bad Piggies have released, and there is! I hope it is tied to that soft-launched game Angry Birds Match.

    The Blues! Along with Hatchlings!

    AB Blues!

    Find out more about it in the CAKE’s description page!

    This is SG

    19 January, 2017

    There’s a new AB game coming! This one was a bit weird. It’s Angry Birds Dice.

    Angry Birds Dice

    Yes, this is not made by Rovio but some Korean game developer, JOYCITY. As you can see in this trailer, it’s a board/card game with ABMovie characters. Although it looks interesting, but this game will be launched not from Rovio, but from JOYCITY. It will be soft-launched in Asia, or a full release?

    Oh, and there’s an pre-register offer. You’ll get the character Leonard, and a 4-star skill card. This app is only for Android, so sorry iOS users?



    Pre-register the game here!


    Turns out JOYCITY owns a bigger game called “Game of Dice”.
    This “Angry Birds Dice” should be perceived as “Game of Dice: Angry Birds”. (Think AB Star Wars, but goes the other way round)

    And no, I’ve never played the game.

    This is SG

    22nd February, 2017

    Hi friends! LooOOOONg time, no see. I’ve found a new update about AB. There’s a new game to be soft-launched by Rovio. It’s called Angry Birds Islands!


    Judging by the art style, I think it was created with a Korean developer, NHN Entertainment. (Some of the 3rd-party games are ABDice, and the dead one, ABAceFighter)

    Company logo
    Wait, I’ve seen this logo before. I don’t know where?

    Yo-Kai Watch: Puni Puni!
    Oh, I remember one game of them! They made a game for the Yo-Kai Watch franchise, called Yo-Kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, which was a match-and-pop spin-off to their 3DS game. It has performed pretty well and addictive at a 4.8 star rank in Appstore and Google Play. So there’s hope!

    And you are supposed to collect resources, fight piggies, pretty much like that. I think some piggies will work with birds too, or as ‘minions’! (pun) Finally, there’re done with matching games (Love Rocks, POP, Blast, Match)

    NEWS: I got some news about it. Here it is below.

    Rovio and NHN Studio629 have announced a partnership to develop a new game using the Angry Birds IP, initially targeting players in Korea and selected other Asian markets. Due for launch later this year, the game will bring together the beloved characters of Angry Birds with one of Asia’s leading mobile game studios.

    As per the deal, Rovio will provide the Angry Birds IP and NHN Studio629 will design, develop, publish and service the game’s live operations in Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. The two companies may then decide to take the partnership global at a later stage, in which case Rovio would publish the game in other markets.

    At last, an AB art of my birdsona! This was created by my friend “Blaze Man”! Gotta go fast to slash the piranha plants!
    FAN-ART! (not really)

    This is SG

    3rd March, 2017

    Today, one of my friends Alex Bird (you may know him in YT) had shared some fan-made posters for The Angry Birds Movie sequel!

    They look awesome though!
    ABM2 Poster
    ABM2 Poster: Pigs

    And today Nintendo Switch finally launched! (That unrelated now.) Who’s gonna get it? Of course everyone, except me. :'(

    This is SG

    4th March, 2017

    Hey friends! Remember the previous news about the new series, Angry Birds Blues? Yes, they have two trailers released, and they are coming at March 10th in ToonsTV! And these hatchlings look adorable!

    (I was actually hoping for a new game rather than a series, in the normal AB style, but it looks adorable in Movie style, so, that’s good.)

    And just to let you know, Angry Birds Islands is soft-launched in Asia for Android, and seems it is still not translated from Korean. If possible, I’ll send it’s gameplay. And they look cute in chibi style!


    Angry Birds Islands’ CBT OPEN. Participate in this CBT and apply for an iPhone 7+!
    Really? I’ll play it then no matter what!
    My own village with Angry Birds!
    (So I guess it’s a farming game)

    A variety of adventures to fish and wood!
    (So minion pigs really work as ‘minions’. I was right!)

    Piggies with various jobs! And lots of items to acquire!
    (The last sentence was translated as ‘Numerous authoring items!’, so I make that line by myself. Don’t ask what it means.)

    Take a ride on a cart and travel through 9 different worlds!
    (They can simply use any other animal rather than a pig. Poor him.)

    Destroy the monsters in the world!
    (Cactuses, whatever that is, and a dragon! And I’ve seen this fighting style before, in one of the RPG-like games whose ads always shows up at least once)

    Let the fight go to our Angry Birds!
    (What is that beetle-castle-aircraft hybrid thing?!)

    Birds became more powerful as they level up!
    (And so does their job also changes from a trainee to a chef to a gang leader to a knight?! That doesn’t even make any sense!)

    If you wanna play, it’s available in Play Store as an unreleased app.

    This is SG

    10th March, 2017

    Hi friends! The new series Angry Birds Blues is now out at ToonsTV!

    And they are so cute, adorable, naughty, and dangerous! They broke all the rules of the childhood! But they look so adorable when doing so. AWWWW! And looks like the Blues are the only smartest hatchlings there. (And did you notice that each Blue have different eye colours? But which is Jim, Jay and Jake?)

    Watch their first episode right now!

    This is SG

    13th March, 2017

    Hey friends! Piggy Tales is going to have it’s fourth season! It’s called Piggy Tales: 4th Street! And they still have the Movie pigs, not the original one, but it’s OK. We are finally get to see what happens at Pig City.

    4th Street
    (A ‘ghost rider’ pig! Or should I say, HOG RIDERRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Difference is, it’s not riding a hog (animal), but he is riding a hog (bike)! And it is a hog (animal)!! I’m confused now.)

    Find out more about it at CAKE’s description page!

    Now some plain news.

    If you didn’t know it, Rovio’s former CEO, Mikael Hed, started a new company, Kaiken Entertainment, which does storytelling through film, TV, books and digital stuff. And don’t worry, they are partners with Rovio. Kit ‘n’ Kate (ToonsTV series) is from them.

    There’s no more news about AB or Rovio, so I filled the rest of it with fandom and stuff (Yes, that’s why this forum is not in ‘News & Rumours’ category, but in ‘General Discussion’)

    —————–(*News-less part starts here.*)—————–

    My friend Alex Bird shared more fanmade posters for ABMovie sequel!

    I was checking for new AB videos in YT, and I can’t believe they still make it. I found some from YT.

    There’s a fan-made 3D multiplayer version of Angry Birds. It’s kinda crappy, but is good somehow.

    A small YTber named Game Fan made many funny animations of Angry Birds (and they talk!). This video’s name is a bit inappropriate, but not the video. And I didn’t understand the flock of them.

    A channel named Minute Minecraft Parodies, true to it’s name, creates a one-minute video about movies and stuff in Minecraft style. They created for The Angry Birds Movie too! And I like it! (except the ending, bcoz…… see it for yourself).


    Mechanic Pig

    @sahil-gagrai This is the best news yet (the last one)! I think the next one is about the first episode of Piggy Tales: 4th Street.

    This is SG

    @christian-cosgrove Yes, you said it right. And remember, this forum not just post news, but also fandom, so those ABMovie2 posters that you have seen are fan-made. BTW, are you OK with the fan-made stuff I posted here?

    This is SG

    15 March, 2017 *(NON-NEWS UPDATE)*

    Hi friends! Today we’re going to talk about Rovio things and stuff (this includes fandom too. This is
    a ‘general discussion’ forum, not just ‘news and rumors’).

    So as you may have already know about Rovio, right? My friend, Alex Bird (yes, that AB YTber) shows their logo splash-screens, from old to new, in this video.

    Ever thought what is the logo of it’s former name Relude? Well, here’s one that I’ve got in one of their developed games. I can’t find the logo itself so I put the whole pic itself. (that low quality tho)

    One of the games that you play on your Nokia phone.

    Did you know, that Rovio had a ‘Nintendo Direct’ like thing in their HQs? It’s called Rovio-Con!

    If you wanna watch it, click here for stream 1, and here for stream 2.

    Did you know that Rovio also created most of the Java games for mobile devices? Yep, they also created the classic Bounce’s 3D games!

    Any games which were addictive as Angry Birds? Yep, they had one. It’s Totomi. In this game, you have to build animal totems by placing animal and food pieces on top of each other to feed, breed and grow the tower. Well, it was their first game for Flash, so I searched for it, and it still exist in most flash games websites (including their official site), but it won’t load after the loading bar. (it’s also for iOS and Java ME)

    This is SG

    17 March, 2017

    Hi friends! Today, a new video has been released from the AB YouTube channel, showing a pig pinching people in Rovio HQs bcoz it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

    (BTW, the woman in pink was drawing a different logo for ABPop! The other screen behind her is just a custom wallpaper. And they have a Nibblers poster, at the cafeteria section)

    Power Pork

    Here is a list of the bounce games made and developed:
    Bounce Tales (for java)

    Bounce boing voyage (for N-gage)

    Bounce Touch which looks like an alternative version of bounce boing voyage (for symbian platforms)

    And finally, the bounce evolution for Nokia N900, which was introduced with Angry Birds for the N900 device

    This is SG

    Thanks, @abginebird for the list of those old games. It’ll let others know that Rovio made some pretty good Java games.

    This is SG

    1st April, 2017

    Hi friends! Today, Rovio teased us a new game, and it is called ‘Angry Birds Stretch!‘!

    As said in their description website, it has-

    * A whole new gaming concept!
    (Finally, they came up with an idea!)
    * Easy to master!
    (You don’t have to learn Physics for this.)
    * Unbelievable gameplay!
    (Seriously, I can’t believe it)
    * An infinite level!
    (That’s what Candy Crush does!)
    * No social features!
    (Because they know you don’t socialize but play videogames all day.)
    * No power-ups!
    (That makes it challenging!)
    * Lots of 3rd-party ads!
    (Because they want money!)
    * Lots of in-app purchases!
    (Because they want YOUR money!!)
    * Requires internet!
    (Wi-fi gone, game is none)

    I mined into the internet, and I found it’ll release at 30th Feb, ’17! Who’s ready?


    @sahil-gagrai You’ve forgotten about the most important thing – the price. As a very limited-time offer, the game will cost only *drums* … … … wait for it… … $9.99!

    I’ve had one spare time machine somewhere, I just don’t remember where I left it…


    @sahil-gagari not sure i got that right?
    Anyway I have to laugh about your post, although not my type of game, I love you enthusiastic sarcasm about this release!
    Rovio money greedy ? nooooo!!!! Heeehee ?

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