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    Hi! This is the place where I’ll post all the news and stuff going about Angry Birds and Rovio. When there’s no news, I’ll instead do a discussion post or post fandom and stuff. And I’ll try my best to update this forum.

    (Now it’s harder to cover the news because this franchise is now somewhat got degraded due to how Rovio is using it as a cash grab now.)

    UPDATE as on 16 March, 2021, 9:53pm IST:

    It has been such a fun journey to be here, reporting any bit of Angry Birds news I could find. I’ve dropped interest in it over time. From now on, I won’t be posting any more news updates here.

    Thank you for all the support and dedication you all give to this series. You can still discuss stuff here, but I won’t be replying to it.

    That is it for now, and now I fling off!

    -This is SG

    Consider following “Facts About Angry Birds” and “Angry Birds Network” on Twitter as they are doing the job for me now.

    I also have decided to create something related to AB for the future, so look around at my Twitter profile.

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  • This is SG

    25th November, 2015

    Believe it or not, but this news is true! Angry Birds may crossover with Marvel!
    Here is the official poster of Fantastic Four, replaced with Angry Birds, and it’s not DeviantArt!
    Flocktastic Four!
    As written in this article, they may cooperate with Marvel to create this Flocktastic Four! No more info is much available. Last time they deal with Marvel to stream Chakra the Invincible in English and Hindi (now only in English). That page mention it may release on 7th August, but they aren’t sure about it. If you still don’t believe it, then these official GIFs will
    Red as Mr. Fantastic!
    Bomb as Human Torch
    Terence as The Thing

    EDIT: I said “The official poster of Fantastic Four, replaced with Angry Birds.” So just the people were replaced, not the whole thing of it.

    MORE EDIT: It is just a promo for that film. So your dreams would be shattered now. Sorry from the other side!!!

    Ravinda Bulathgama

    And stella as?
    The invisible women?


    omg this is super awesome this means that what I’ve always dreamt for (angry birds marvel) finally comes true!!

    however, something is wrong with this

    the image states: 08-07-15

    but that was 3 and a half months ago

    Ravinda Bulathgama

    Yeah. That’s the problem. It says that it’ released in August. It’s November now!

    This is SG

    30th November, 2015

    Another ABMovie video from Rovio, in which the hatchlings voiced by kids are singing for seasons’ greetings:

    Also a rewind from my previous forums:

    Just Dance in ’16 as Angry Birds in its Balkan Blast Remix!

    Angry Birds Pokémon (Unofficial Trailer as you can see it)

    And at last a meme which you make you to do this:
    You know what to do


    @sahil-gagrai I guess we need to shake the can?


    @sahil-gagrai Oh, I know what to do alright….just need a slingshot and we’re good to go.


    @sahil-gagrai Like some people have said, does the Marvel crossover image have typos or was it already released? I heard nothing about it at all, so was it released somewhere else or did they actually plan to release it August 7, 2016?

    This is SG

    @freckledpig147 I did an edit there, and its clearly said that this is the official poster, just replaced the people with ABs.

    This is SG

    6th December, 2015

    Do you know? Rovio released three new DVDs for the Christmas celebrations!
    New Angry Birds DVDs!

    You will get
    Piggy Tales S1
    Angry Birds Toons S2 Vol. 1
    Angry Birds Stella S1

    Also, I have a question, do you still play AB or now AB2 or both? Matilda is confused about it!

    AB or AB2?


    All of them! :)

    This is SG

    9th December, 2015

    One of my FB groups’ friends shared some photos of Angry Birds Transformers: Turbo Energon TELEPODS!

    Shockwave Pig
    Shockwave Pig

    Acid Storm Pig
    Acid Storm Pig

    Epic Optimus Prime Bird
    Epic Optimus Prime Bird

    Autobird Ratchet
    Autobird Ratchet

    So it’s a new update coming soon in ABTransformers!

    And if you are hungry for more, eat some AB Potato Chips!
    AB Potato Chips!

    This is SG

    22 January, 2016

    Sorry to came after a lot of days, now I’ll be busy in Feb because of my exams.
    Now the real point, LEGO has released a sneak peak to their LEGO sets.

    This is SG

    <script>(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “//”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));</script>

    <p>What if The Angry Birds Movie charecters fight with the Super Smash Bros. charecters? More angerness!</p>Posted by Sahil Gagrai on Sunday, January 31, 2016

    This is SG

    Hey! News for all Indian AB lovers!
    Now get an AB toy in every Cadbury Gems Surprise ball!

    This is SG

    30 March, 2016
    Sorry for late appearance, but now I’ll be online forever from today.
    Now here’s the real part, Angry Birds Friends may release for Apple TV or can be broadcast through Chromecast.
    ABFriends on TV?!?!!?

    This is SG

    28 April, 2016
    A great news for all AB fans, Angry Birds Action is now out worldwide!

    If you are hearing this for first time, then it is a new game made by Rovio, which stars the characters from the Angry Birds Movie. It is based on pinball physics where you have to complete a specific challenge in each level.
    Angry Birds Action!
    There are a total of 90 levels as played by ABN in this video.

    And they introduced a new feature too, BirdCodes™! These are B/W badges that work like bar codes (Not QR codes because maybe each one has pattern variation on their outside rings like bar codes.) Here is an example. You may try to scan it:


    Try scanning the BirdCode™ from this trailer video (The one appeared after Rovio logo)
    You will find these BirdCodes™ at the movie displays, official merchandise, and of course, McDonald’s!

    You will need the game in order to scan this. If you have it, open that game, tap the BirdCode™ button and face the camera to this BirdCode™. You will get free power-ups or gems, mini-games, etc. And also don’t forget about the code which appear in the credits at The Angry Birds Movie, because it will unlock the second episode of the game + a secret clip!

    Download this game now! iOS Android

    This is SG

    18 June, 2016

    Sorry for my late appearance. Here’s an important message for everyone playing the soft-launched game AB-Ace Fighter:

    Rovio said that since it launched from May 31st, all players have reported bugs and give suggestions to them. So they will optimize its newer version according to the suggestions. So the Closed Beta Test will end at 2pm in June 20th, 2016. The server get closed so everyone’s data will got deleted as well as their game accounts (including Facebook and guest data). The Open Beta Test, which is the soft-launch version, will be available in the mid-July.
    Angry Birds Ace Fighter
    This means that the game will not work after the server gets close, and they will make a different version (when you install the soft-launch version, the closed beta version will not replace, maybe?) So if anybody has an issue while connecting in the game, then it’s probably the server gets closed already. Do anyone excited for the soft-launch version?


    对不起,我迟到的外观。下面就为大家打软推出的游戏愤怒的小鸟一个重要的信息 – 王牌战斗机:

    Rovio公司称,由于5月31日推出,所有玩家都报告的错误,并提出建议给他们。因此,他们将根据建议优化其更新的版本。所以封闭测试将在6月20日下午结束, 2016年服务器获取关闭,使每个人的数据都删除了,以及他们的游戏账户(包括Facebook和客数据)。该公开测试,这是软推出的版本,将在7月中旬上市。
    这意味着服务器靠拢赛后将无法正常工作,他们会做出不同的版本(当您安装软推出的版本,内测版本将不会取代,也许? )因此,如果任何人有一个问题,在连接在游戏中,那么它可能是服务器被已经关闭。做任何人兴奋软推出的版本?

    This is SG

    4 August, 2016

    Hi friends, sorry I’ve been absent here for a month. I have a great news to share with. Someone has sent a photo about the closed-beta game, known as “TNT” here. And this pic make you say “I WANT IT!”.

    Angry Birds Evolution

    You can’t tell it’s fake, as it is real and official. But what happens in this game is a mystery. Just we all know is that they have a lot of birds in it, all unknown and new to us. And what is the role of those pigs in it? And if it’s possible to make your own bird just like Miitomo? It is a new whole story? Nobody knows. Just we have to wait for it’s soft-launch. Are you excited for it?

    NOTE: ABEvo players, don’t share anything about it. We don’t want any SPOILERS!

    This is SG

    11 August, 2016

    This is actually a news from previous month, but since nobody had talk about it, I have to post this. There is a new PC game collection launched in Steam called HELP:THE GAME. It was made for funding the War Child charity, where they help children affected by war. These games are made by popular game developers, which includes Rovio.
    HELP: The Game

    As they have 6 days only to create this game, they made two simply indie games. Anthelion and Splash Bash.

    Anthelion is a space-shooter like game where you have to collect the crystals flying around while avoiding obstacles.

    Splash Bash is a multiplayer melee game, where they have to fly using water jets and bump each other to drown them. The last one flying wins.

    For all those who are interested in playing these games, click here. Sorry mobile gamers, these are only for PC.

    This is SG

    25 August, 2016

    Hi friends! It’s me Sahil, and today I have a big news from everyone. You know that closed-beta game, code named as “TNT“, and now everyone knows that it’s the upcoming game “Angry Birds Evolution”. And now it is soft-launched in Hong Kong!
    AB Evolution



    actually that is a ‘interesting’ Chinese translation, we’d rather read the English one but still thx.^^

    This is SG

    26 August, 2016

    Hi friends, I’m Sahil. Last time I told you about the Hong Kong soft-launch game Angry Birds Evolution, and you were all eager for it. So here are the details about this upcoming game.
    Angry Birds Evolution

    So what is Angry Birds Evolution? It combines the two games Angry Birds Action! and Angry Birds Epic. In this game, you shoot birds in just like in ABAction! and pop out the pigs. And like in ABEpic, turn-wise, pigs will also attack your birds, damaging them. And there is a whole new flock there, everyone we didn’t met at all. You’ll meet Mia at first, an emo girl which will guide you through the game. You could add more birds with eggs, from which you can get new ones, which can also evolve to make them stronger! And there are Boss Pigs too (only one identified as Hulk Hog) so use your shooting skills strategically. There are over 300 different birds, and over 90 different pigs. There are weekly tournaments too, and a whole new story!

    You want to know more? Check this gameplay video that I found after searching it.

    And I researched about this game, and I found that it is similar to the Japanese game “Monster Strike”. But anyways, the birds look modern and bad—, and also the game looks very interesting! So, anyone wants to play it?

    Also, one more news. Rovio is creating a sequel of The Angry Birds Movie as it ran worldwide and it was highly-grossed! (Read the full article at GameSpot) So everyone excited about The Angry Birds Movie 2?

    (This below part is totally optional, so it doesn’t matter to read)

    The movie was supposed to be released in July 1, but moved up to May 20 to avoid competition against Disney’s BFG and WB’s Tarzan.
    Bomb suffers from IED (intermittent explosive disorder) which cause him to explode due to internal or external stress, so he lives in a bomb shelter.
    Danny McBride, the voice of Bomb ate a ton of burritos to get that voice because of that explosive nature.
    Blake Shelton, voice of Earl, both have the tattoo on his left arm, except the only difference is that there was bird tracks instead of deer on it.
    The song “Friends” was name so as he performed with his friend Jessi Alexander.
    During the scene in which birds was flinged to the castle, they fold up their legs and arms, which looks surprisingly similar to their game counterparts.

    ANOTHER BONUS for those who got stressed up after reading it:
    (it’s off-topic and optional, but hope it will give you a smile)

    This is SG

    25th September, 2016

    So no news here recently. Today we are just summarising what is happening now at Rovio:
    1. The original AB has a update 6.1.5 to get stickers after completing achievements (new way to pull back players into the game bcoz who wouldn’t want to complete every achievement?!). And prize eggs, for free gifts. Finally, free rewards have been returned. And TNT Shields so you won’t get eliminated from the danger zones, and Ticket x2. And the Mighty Bundle! (why?) Main menu things will pop out every time you open this game. Not much like an update. By the way, we can watch ads for tickets, but not worth it.

    SPOILER: Wondering how to get the secret ?????? sticker? What you do when you ran out of birds in a level and still a pig left?

    2. Angry Birds Go had a new app icon. Update? Just a patch update, nothing else. Plz add more tracks, Rovio!

    3. New update of AB Pop! (Hammock Holmes) have replaced Willow and Poppy by Matilda and Bomb respectively. And special bonus for Note 7 users. That’s a bad news. Why? You don’t know that ‘explosive’ news of Note 7 users? Better backup your progress and keep a fire extinguisher.

    4. No more updates in any of the games since.

    5. Most of them haven’t notice, but AB Blast is finally for Android! Go download it here!

    6. Another new game is coming from Rovio. It’s Pet Monsters. Similar to Magic Rush: Heroes and some physics to AB Action, you have monsters by which you have to fight against the baddies and evolve. Pretty much looks interesting though. Available for Android and iOS. Maybe they start making games with monsters? (The first was Party Monsters)

    So that’s all the news here for all Rovio stuff.

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