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  • I see the last few KP levels have just been redos of previous KP rooms, even in the latest update trail levels. That’s pretty disappointing. I’ve been hoping Rovio would introduce some new room designs soon (as they did with Gravity Grove) or at least have some Mt Pork trail levels. The trail’s got pretty boring, but at least there were always new KP rooms to explore (though I’ve hated most of the recent endless grinding ones). And now Rovio’s not even bothering to create new KP rooms!

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  • ryan-kochie

    I do miss the unique boss stages, my favourite part of the game is figuring them out. Perhaps they are busy working on new updates/stopping cheaters so have to recycle some levels for now?


    Hi @rippiggies I can’t across this forum while looking for something else
    You don’t say which game your speaking of, like AB Friends, Seasons ABO, etc..
    I assume you are speaking of a game i haven’t played. I play the old school slingshot games which is why the title of your forum Drew my attention.
    Rovio has pretty much ditched the old original games and now you have me wondering if they are doing the same to the I’ll call ‘newer apps?
    In my opinion they just have made their money, quick shot , short term comment, what’s it been? Less than 10 years? They made money fast, invested in Bridges and so kinds of other stuff if you read up on Rovio as a Company rather than an App developer, Angry Birds was their start up, now they are taking their money made of of Us and especially from the newer apps, and they are running!
    Try opening a ticket and asking any question about any issue, you will get the standard reply from Teduschi or whatever his name is saying”we are sorry for the inconveniences, we are aware of the issue and hope to have it resolved soon. Thank you for your patience” or whatnot!
    Anyway sorry i popped into a forum where i don’t know the subject đŸ˜¶
    @Ixsn57 any additions ?

    RIP Piggies

    Hi Kathy

    This is an “Angry Birds 2” sub-forum, so unless specifically stated, all comments are about that version. It’s been around at least four years. Some interesting play features cf other AB versions, if you want to give it a try.


Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Rovio running out of ideas or lazy?

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