Rovio Classics: Angry Birds has arrived!

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  • GubbyMan

    Anyone else stuck with only 2 stars on 1-7? I spent a lot of time on it without any success. Then I booted up the old game on my old iPhone and got 3 stars twice in a row. It’s sad that the physics changed because it makes some of levels unbalanced.

    I still think this needs its own leaderboard.


    @gubbyman, i was able to one-bird it for 48k and 3 stars. it took a long time but i finally was able to.

    if you think these are different, wait until you get to Ham’Em High. It’s the opposite. In less than a day, I was able to quickly get 3 stars on all levels, 7 overall top scores and topped my Original total by 80k (which i spent countless hours playing as each chapter came out). Since they don’t appear to be making a separate leaderboard, I entered those top 7 scores and jumped to #69 overall.

    In my opinion, it doesn’t seem right to be able to cherry pick scores between the 2 different versions, which I did do. Now that people are able to enter scores from the new version over their Original scores, I don’t think there is any going back. (also, they are posting new walkthrough vids on the original leaderboard)

    Desperate Dan

    Since, as has been described in some detail by @sparty83, Classic scores are significantly different from ABO scores, I have decided that, in the absence of new leaderboards,  not to add Classic scores to the existing leaderboards. Instead, for top scores and new methods, I will register these on the walkthrough pages. I will add scores temporarily for any Challenges though.

    I know a few of the top flingers have already decided not to add Classic scores., seeing them as akin to a new PU. Everyone to their own, but that’s my stance to avoid over corruption of the lists.


    @desperate-Dan,  As Sparty83, I have not entered any Classic scores. As my alter-ego, Sparty83_2, I have entered classic scores. If it’s a top score, I deleted it. (i did this primarily for the ability to compare Original to Classic scores)


    Since Classic has been out for over 2 weeks and the admins have not even made any sort of announcement, I believe there is zero chance they will make a separate leaderboard for classic. If they ever decide to, then I will delete those scores and move them to the new leaderboard.


    In my opinion the @admins silence on this is deafening. No official word on how to address the new classic scores. ( but since an admin changed the leaderboards to allow scores that do not end in zero, implies that there will not be a new leaderboard and they are ok with classic scores loaded into the Original leaderboard)

Viewing 4 replies - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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