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  • I think this game is truly dead now. There haven’t been any new events since the Christmas one, the arena isn’t beginning a new season (it stays on the “arena is getting some improvements” placeholder), and the daily calendar is filled with nothing but snoutlings.

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  • Bomb145

    Either the developers are making an update to the game or they aren’t getting paid to update it.


    Surprised it made it this long, honestly. Now I just wonder if they’ll close the servers anytime soon or wait until the last remaining players leave by choice.


    I’m just glad I could finish the arena off with a nice Hal trophy. Gonna miss that place though.

    Power Pork

    tbh kinda surprised the servers are still up and you can still play the game. they DO have a big history on discontinuing old game.


    I came back to Angry Birds Forums to say this;

    I’ll miss this damn game.

    So many years, been playing since release.
    Ever since they (evidently) stopped caring about it, I too stopped. ESPECIALLY when it became clear that monetary gain was what they were after – subtly increasing the price, more pay to win areas, and so on.

    When they began to knock other games from the shelves without a word, I grew fearful. I knew this day would come, but still so silently… it pains me.

    A piece of my childhood I’ll never be able to play again… removed… due to corporate shilling. It’s ironic, isn’t it? Rovio made games like these because they wanted to have fun, show their playerbase that they can add their twist on beloved genres whilst still profiting from it (back then, it was more of a tip since Lucky Coins were not THAT sought after)

    Then when the updates began to drop in quantity (and quality)… yeah…
    The day of Epic’s end is evidently nigh. 7 whole years and it’s coming to an end so quickly.

    Not able to play Into The Jungle anymore, the first map event, to cap things off. No more For The Pirate King either. None of that.

    A silent, merciful death, for a heavily beloved game.

    I’ll miss you, Angry Birds Epic. You will always be Epic to all.


    I asked their support team if they could manually add the special class upgrades only available from the arena and events so I could use them on the island and caves, but they said they couldn’t, which is weird because my gf’s cousin says they gave him 2 upgrades after a major bug awhile back caused him to miss 2 events. Anyone who was hoping to collect all the upgrades might be out of luck.

    I also directly asked twice if the servers might be taken down in the foreseeable future, which would make the whole game including even the island impossible to play, but they didn’t answer both times. I suspect that means they might be planning on killing the server without warning just so they don’t scare us from playing the game and more importantly watch ads and pay for in-app purchases in the meantime.


    I’m sure they’re working on it. Epic’s Facebook page is completely gone too and I can no longer get my friends to load. Probably trying to get rid of all the extensions before shutting down the game itself.


    Not necessarily.  They probably wouldn’t have bothered to fix the Facebook login issue from just a few months ago if they were planning on shutting it down completely.  And taking down a page of an older game isn’t out of the ordinary.  I’m a software developer and I’ve been playing the game since the day it launched.  I’ve been through a lot of the issues the plagued the game and everything I experienced suggests poor software design that makes the game extremely difficult to make changes and fix issues.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they leave the game in the state it’s currently in if it doesn’t require a lot of support and has some chance to generate some modest revenue.

    It is quite concerning to hear that they won’t confirm or deny whether they’re planning on taking the servers down.  If they are planning it, this is the way they’d behave so they don’t disrupt the revenue that’s still coming in.

    Airplane Lover

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Rovio told me that they haven’t planned any events or Arena Seasons for 2021, but that’s just ridiculous because they said they would continue them as normal. I had Epic in 2016-17 and was lucky to be able to download it on my old iPad Air in November 2020. I want to complete the whole of Chronicle Cave before the game supposedly closes. Wish they continued events though. Or at least switched the music when you battle Demonic Wizpig from ‘King Pig and His Manic Minions’ to ‘Curse of the Apocalyptic Hogriders’.</p>


    Maybe they’ve updated the game and will soon live the update on playstore. I’ve downloaded Angry Birds 2 on my new phone, and it works awesome.


    Facebook is now permanently disabled in the game. A player support team member said it’s because the game is no longer available in any app store.

    I responded by asking if the whole game will soon be unplayable, but I expect the same response every time I’ve asked that followup question: silence.

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