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  • What do you guys think about the update to the rewards for feats recently?

    I have been working towards the “Complete 300 Arena Win Streaks” feat for 1,000 gems but this has been changed to a Legendary Chest. Of course, there are no gem rewards at all now, which a lot of players will not be happy with.

    Looking down my list, the rewards against some feats seem a little stingy, especially given the amount of effort that goes into achieving them. Take for instance:

    Get 5,000 Arena Wins and receive a Rare Chest. This one you don’t have to think about: just play on as normal and at some point the feat will be achieved. 5,000 is a big amount though. By my calculation, I won’t achieve this until July 2019. Is a rare chest a decent enough reward for grinding away so long?

    Log In on 720 Different Days and receive a Legendary Chest. I won’t complete this until end of May 2019, or early June if there are days I can’t get on. I am just as likely to get a measly sum of feathers or BP and by that time, the amount of feathers gained will likely add very little to my FP. Of course, a free Legendary Chest isn’t something to be baulked at!

    Likewise, Complete Daily Challenge 800 Times for a measly 200 BP. Are you kidding? Assuming I would be able to complete the Daily Challenges – what with awkward King Pigs which do crop up now and then – I would not complete this until September 2019! Give me 2,000 BP maybe, or 20,000!

    Win 15 Weekly Tournaments for 500 BP. This one I think is measly too: winning a weekly tournament is no mean feat, and given that you can get a whole lot more BP from a lucky hit on a rare or legendary chest – and even more during doubled BP periods – this seems far little incentive. Surely 1,000 or more is better for such a feat?

    How about something truly special? The ToF offers a Jackpot and I expect many players cannot hope to get to the higher levels for a chance to hit it (I certainly can’t).  How about offering that Jackpot for those feats for longevity, or for getting thousands of arena wins or streaks?

    I haven’t overlooked the fact that it’s good to get something for nothing. Plus the fact you are getting a bonus for simply playing along as normal and totting up numbers for popping pigs or King Pigs etc. This aspect is good.

    What rewards would you like to see for the feats you are aiming for? Do you think they should re-introduce gems or bump up the prizes a bit more?

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  • SB311

    Yes. I would like better rewards.

    Mine shows if you win DC 150 times you get 30 BP which is super low. It should be at least 200-500.

    I believe they changed the reward for logging in on 180 days from 1000 gems to a legendary chest. I wanted the gems because I never pick the legendary hats.

    I like how the apple prizes went up in DC and KPP for the hatchling event, but I feel we should get 3 spells and at least 500 BP.


    150 DC wins is only 30 BP here, too. Currently at 137, but that 30 BP is… well, not exiting reward.

    I would had prefer to 1.000 gems, too! I’m one of the unluckiest, when picking up card from rewards. If there is a good reward amongs the meh ones, I manage to miss it nearly always. After about 170 days of playing, I might had the best reward just 6-7 times.

    What about “Complete all Daily Quests 150 times” with palsy 2k feathers? Not only is that amount low, but to get it, you have to pay for six Gem Letters! I mean… what kind of reward is the one which must be bought?

    Rewards should be… well, exiting and rewarding. Something you look for to achieve.



    They are trying to get people to buy gems now so they are being even more stingy with gem rewards. I agree it isn’t right or fair, especially if you were close to achieving that reward.

    Vogel Birdson

    Two good points raised there:

    1. That rewards should be exciting and worth striving for;

    2. That it’s been unreasonable that the rewards have been changed mid-way through. I too was aiming to complete feats for the gems, but with the gems removed and replaced either with a rare or legendary chest the incentive isn’t there anymore.

    Imagine being a win or two away from getting a much needed and much preferred 1,000 gems, only to get a chest and end up getting three ducks or 50 BP because the reward was changed.

    Not fair at all, Rovio.


    “…get a chest and end up getting three ducks…”

    Adding insult to injury: When activating ducks spell, the ducks have apparently migrated, because none appears. So, in worst case scenario you may just have three ducks spell cards that will not even work!



    I agree the game is being manipulated to have fewer gem rewards all around. TOF – I got to level 28 today with only 12 gems as rewards. And as many times as I’ve passed level 20, I’ve yet to get that hat. It was the same last time. I never got the level 20 hat. Spending gems (and fewer gem rewards) equals money in Rovio’s eyes.


    These rewards are joke. I don’t get how people even reach high levels without spending money in this game.

    It must take forever.


    I noticed they took away the 1000 gems reward for completing 300 arena win streaks. Ticks me off because I’d much rather have 1000 gems than one legendary chest which will end up being nothing but a hat I already have.

    I’d much rather have gems, but Rovio has pretty much removed all gems as rewards except for the Tower of Misfortune and 10 gems at a time per the basic chests we can open every 30 minutes.


    And clan battles, but you have to pay gems in order to play again so it kind of defeats the purpose. Plus you only get 60 measly gems for 150 points and 100 gems for 300 points. They can’t even double the amount of gems for double the points earned. :/


    YES! All of the Rewards in this game are totally pitiful yet the pig penalty or continuing fee of gems is way too overpriced. its all a scam my friends to force us to spend more gems to then keep spending real money to continue


    Does anyone know the caps for the feats?  I know that the using spells is 10,000.

    500BP for 15 weekly tournament wins is awesome compared to the reward for 50 weekly tournament wins. It currently shows a rare (not a legendary) chest.


    I had three feats with black pearl rewards that I was waiting to claim when the double BP event kicked in (came to about 1000 bp) and a legendary chest for logging in for 180 days.

    Not a big deal but I was a bit annoyed that the feat for logging in stopped keeping track once I met the feat, but I have been logging in for at least 10-20 days more after that waiting for the double BP event. All the other feats kept track after I met those feats so why not this one? It says 180/365 for the new feat. :/

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