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  • I got really disappointed with ABE for various reasons, which I list below. If you felt like me about the game you are welcome to join this topic :-)

    1. XP progress do not go on par with the progress of the game. It is quite fast to get to XP 15, but after that it becomes a drag. You are pretty much with no other choice than repeating hundreds of times battles already won and gets even slower when XP 18 is hit. Usually that XP level is not enough to venture into daily dungeons, not to mention Chronicle Caves. At that point the game simply became a boring time waste.

    2. Not all upgrades can be obtained for free, they could make up for “low” XP but they are so expensive that it is impossible to get them without spending a small fortune.

    3. Friendship gates, you are either forced to use FB or spend some $$.

    4. Friendship essence can be obtained mainly through FB friends, yet again FB is a must to enjoy the game fully.

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  • burbman

    While I agree with some of your points, I beg to differ with a few of them. I managed to make it to level 25 and through all dungeons and the second chronicle cave without as you say spending a small fortune, or having any facebook friends. I was able to unlock all friendship gates and purchase a few of the “expensive” headgear classes using only the lucky coins obtained through level ups, golden pig, and treasure chests. Friendship essence is really unnecessary, if you want another spin at the wheel, just play through the level again, that way you get more XP, snoutlings, and resources. Ditto with potions and weapons, you can make all resources out of the very basics, so replay one of the easy early levels on autoplay and build up large stockpiles.

    That said, I agree that the XP levels should be more of a gradual progression, and not have the large steps that you noted, capping at level 25 is understandable based on the current degree of difficulty of the hardest levels, but will need to increase as more content is added.

    The one thing I would like to see added would be a reverse exchange, where snoutlings could be traded up for lucky coins, even at an exchange rate >20:1 would make those higher cost headgear available for players unable or unwilling to pay actual cash to play the game.


    My issue with the game atm is how dependent it gets on your friends list. It has gotten way more difficult to progress through the chronicle caves since I have to rely on other people’s birds instead of my own.

    It’s pretty frustrating when the encounters require specific birds but you don’t have access to them since the birds on our friends list are all randomly chosen for us. It also takes a long time to level so all my friend’s birds are between levels 11-18 and I’m up against monsters who are in their 20s.

    I’m in cave 5 now and 95% of my friend’s list is useless for it. The other 5% is only useful once every 12 hours, and that’s if the game gives me the correct bird for the level.

    So in the end, I wish it wasn’t required to use a friend’s bird and just let us use our own for the entirety of the game.

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