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  • Has anyone had issues with getting their free rolls? I have lost out on multiple AGP and GP rolls after watching videos. I had it all me to watch endless videos and nothing and I had it play through and then no reward. Once I restart the video is gone and still no reward. Am I the only one?

    Thank in advance!

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  • Golden Piggie

    actually for me i click on it, it doesnt work, but still counts as me watching it. i have actually experienced it before the 1.2.9 update. i dont know what 1.2.10 is like yet, but are you on 1.2.9 or a different update?


    I have experienced it multiple times on 1.2.9 and today it happened once on 1.2.10. Which is why I decided to post about it. Sounds to me there are inconsistencies all over the latest updates. Thanks @goldenpig for your reply!


    This happens to me with certain videos. Not all of them though. This really is annoying.


    Same here. Its the videos with a skip button that appears before the video ends. Those ones glitch. I have already reported this in the bug report thread.

    Golden Piggie

    hmmm never have seen that before, what do you mean by skip button @thisepicplayer


    It has been working better for the past couple months. I used to get an error message saying that I didn’t watch the whole video and then lost my free spin. That hasn’t happened to me for a very long time except sometimes when I try to watch the video for stamina potions during events.


    It happens to me regularly. I click on the video icon thingy and it depresses, but doesn’t play the vid. Maybe after 4-5 times it will finally play. I’ve rebooted and then it plays. There was also an issue with a Liberty Media vid a few weeks ago looking scrambled and sometimes crashing (and therefore not giving the free spin). They seem to have dramatically lowered the odds of getting a set item, too.


    I keep getting the Cruise Line video and it never gets recognized as being watched. Sometimes I get lucky and after several clicks I get a game video that works.


    Exactly, it’s specifically the Norwegian Cruise ad. It’s been popping up nearly half the time when I click a “watch video”, and as soon as I hear the “Let’s Go!” music I know I’m boned and might as well tap the “x” to abort as soon as it inevitably pops up. If I let the video play through and wait 30 seconds or more at the end screen for the ad, it still fails to acknowledge that a video has played once I return to the game (I don’t even get the “you didn’t finish the video!” message). The “play video” button is still there but is non-responsive when I try again.

    Fortunately, the option usually comes back after a short time, at least for the free GPM rolls, but that damn Norwegian Cruise ad has become the bane of my existence and makes me wish horrible things upon them every time their ad plays.


    ALL ads that have to x/skip button (like the cruise video) before the video ends will not work.


    Yes, this has been happening to me daily. I either have to watch 4 videos to get 1 roll, or I keep watching videos and still don’t get to roll.

    Also Norwegian Cruise lines and McDonald’s create your own burger (although that says it’s Chicago-specific)


    Same frustrating thing happens on my Kindle.
    And my Rainbow Riots do not work, either.


    There’s also the one with the girl building something that lasts 15 seconds, the skip button appears when the video is 10 seconds left, which is what breaks it.


    Yesterday after I got the 5x Riot and watched the videos then it crashed and my 5x riot ended before I could buy any spins. This last update causes constant crashes at nearly every point in the game for me. I’ve failed to complete my objectives multiple times despite much easier competition since the update because of all the problems it has caused.


    @killerkea something strange also happened with me.

    I claimed the reward from the calendar, then watched a video. Instead of the game crashing, the riot just reverted back to normal, the pig stopped jumping and the special animations werent there anymore.

    I wasnt going to spend any LC on it anyway since it messed me over on the last riot, but still, thats weird as hell.


    toyota truck ad wont exit, have to abort out. rovio just laid off 260 more people, hmmmm


    When I click on the watch a video in the nest, the video loads, finishes for the required time and then the game stops working. It doesn’t reset but does not allow me to do anything else from the GPM screen so I end up having to reset. Something similar has been happening to me in transformers but instead, the video finishes but doesn’t give the coin doubler and then when I click the video again, I get the “you can’t watch another video at this time”. this has happened about 5 – 10 times so far and is getting really annoying.


    A similar problem is happening to me too. It can freeze before and after the video, but sometimes it will work. I made the mistake of watching a video during the last wave to get a free healing potion and it froze on me.


    It’s some idiot programmer who put the commercial in the wrong folder. It’s an advertisement that should be shown prior to playing a level, not for a free roll of the dice. I have complained about this is well on the Dubai Commercial. While the problem was fixed they have yet to apologize for all the free advertising they got to do.

    Angry Johnny

    It’s an advertisement that should be shown prior to playing a level, not for a free roll of the dice.

    I was not aware that there was suppose to be a difference between the two O_o



    Don’t think I’ve had the issue… However, I’m seriously starting to loathe Shakira – after having to see her mug in – what seems to be – every single video, now. :-/

    *seriously sick of her, lol

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