Re-balancing update

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  • Josm

    Got an answer from Rovio:

    Hello there,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. I am terribly sorry about you being stuck in your racing at the moment. There is some crucial content yet to be released, so please hang in there until we are able to make those items available. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience!

    Regarding the technical difficulties with the game, causing it to crash repeatedly, we apologize again. There should be a fresh version to fix the issue out soon, so please keep an eye out for releases coming into your app store.

    Best regards,

    Rovio Support Team


    Still plugging along. At least the half star on a perfect race stopped. Have finally started receiving the parts I need. However, I have hundreds of parts for karts that are already fully upgraded. Wish I could sell them back, LOL. I’m still having the crashing problem when I try to collect tickets after tournaments. I stopped counting lost tickets when it went over 40.

    I’m starting to match up with some tougher racers in tournaments. I really like the updating leader board so you can see where you are and who’s really racing. Got into a good battle with someone last week. Had almost 2 million points when they finally gave up.


    R.I P Angry Birds Go. Rovio your stupid massive update v2.0 and higher f***** the game and you keeps her focus in worst updates ever. Kill this game it’s better.


    Today they released an bug fixes update, yesterday as well and both updates didnt fix the issues :/


    When you enter two Tournaments and let them both end before you collect your tickets, the game will crash when you go to collect your tickets for the second one.

    If you enter only one at a time, it does not crash. Or if you enter two at a time, but collect your winnings for the first before the second ends, you should be okay too.


    Todays update version 2.2.10 has fixed the crashing issues!





    Finally, I can upgrade Sty GT now. Thanks for the notice @josm.


    hello guys , do you know why the game ends when I receive the tickets?
    I miss my team and play against other teams

    Ciao @bluebear,@captainbella,@nikosf,@nastyteddy,@vuks ? Un saluto dall’Italia.


    @supersic same here, when i collect them game crashes. Not a big issue, at least we can play again (android issues)


    Version 2.3.3 just released and not one noticeable difference. No new carts and still can’t pass 10.1. Worthless update again.


    @narc 2.3.3 came out a week ago for the most players and fixed crashing issues. And no, of course we cant pass 10.1, Rovio is releasing updates with new content in the future to continue.

Viewing 11 replies - 26 through 36 (of 36 total)
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