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  • firedragon

    I have achieved nearly 40k as the first place is pretty tough. Fortunately, I used nearly hundred of cans of stamina potions and I focused on 5 stamina battle (you should avoid 7 stamina battle because it’s too buggy) and used tens of friend essence to get 500 points.


    @graugeist @kerravon The 7 stamina battles are incredibly buggy for me. More than half the time I kill everything and the battle doesn’t end so I have to abort, but I don’t care about the points so I play the 7 stamina battle every time I see it available. I’m going to finish 1st on my board anyway with under 10,000 pts. Anyone who already has all rank 10 birds is only playing for the challenge and fun of fighting different enemies. However I haven’t found any of the battles to be challenging for my birds. I finish both the 3 and 5 stamina in one round almost every time so the enemy doesn’t get to attack me and the 7 stamina battle I finish in 3 rounds every time. I never got anything less than 3 stars.


    Yo no pude participar en el evento por un bug que dicen que arreglarán (mentira), en la próxima actualización.
    Mi problema surge en que solo puedo batallar con Red y Chuck, no son visibles mis pájaros y cuando quiero entrar a mi nido o al barco de terrence, se queda el juego congelado.

    Lo único bueno del evento, es que quedé en el puesto 11 y me gané el 1.500k para cada pájaro en la primera tirada del cerdo de oro.

    Angry Johnny

    Google Translate of above post:

    I could not participate in the event by saying that bug fix (lie) in the next update.
    My problem arises that can only battle with Red and Chuck, are not visible my birds and when I enter my nest or boat terrence, the game stays frozen.

    The only thing this event is that I was in 11th place and earned the 1.500k for each bird in the first run of the golden pig.

    @angryjohnny, Looks like google needs a bit more education on the translations… Jeez, cannot make heads or tails out of this one.

    Okay, let me have a go at this one and freely translate.
    I could not participate in the event due to a bug which should be fixed in the next update. (it is mentioned that this is untrue, but I’m not sure what that refers to)

    The problem is that I can only fight with Red and Chuck. However, they are not visible and when I visit the nest or Terrence’s boat, the game freezes.

    The only benefit from this event was that I earned 11th place with 1500k (mastery) for every bird in the first turn on the golden pig. (assuming this should be the reward wheel)

    , Felicidades precio 1500K. ¿Qué quieres decir con “mentira”? ¿Puede explicar su problema mejor?

    Es mejor escribir mensajes en Inglés . Luego más personas puedan ayudarle.



    @adryan Yo también hablo español. Como usted puede ver, este problema está afectando a muchos juegadores. Repórtelo a Rovio en cuanto antes.


    Sorry, I have difficulties with the English language…

    The week before bugger the game, already I was in the first position to a hack, I was going I come second at a few hours that the weekly event was finishing in the maximum category, at the time these problems happened.
    I have written to Rovio and they have said to me that the programmers already have identified the problem, in the next update they would arrange it, to this I refer to it of the “lies”, it seems that they arrange the bugs, but I think that they neutralize them a time in order that we spend money and could not protest seriously.

    The positive only thing, it is that they compensated me with 60 golden coins, since I explained my problems to them, also where I was placing in the tilt and what I have invested in the game.

    @adryan, Where are you in the game story? Were your birds just kidnapped by any chance?
    ¿Dónde estás en la historia del juego? Las aves fueron secuestrados en la historia?


    No Larry, solamente son invisibles o desactivadas de algún modo, en el evento solo pude batallar con el enemigo de 750 puntos y gané 1-2 partidas de las 7-8 que hice.
    Contando que Red Paladin es nivel 10 y Chuck Mago es nivel 9.

    Tampoco puedo entrar a pedir aroma de la amistad ni fabricar pociones, entre otras cosas…

    @adryan, thank you for clearing that up. Your English is excellent by the way. There are many Spanish who can take lessons from you, trust me! :)

    It sounds like you are experiencing a known bug which has also been discussed in the forum. Hold on for the next update. Hopefully it will really come out soon.

    We all have doubts about Rovio’s intentions occasionally. Especially with all the things that have happened over the past few months. I hope we will all see some improvements soon.



    Event is over. 2 re-spins, and I still didn’t get 1500 for all. In hindsight, I should have stopped with the 3x 1500, because my last was 2x 1500 + 6 juice. Ugh.


    This was my team for the 7 stamina battles. Got first place!


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