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  • sometime when we dropped a message in clan chat and only show up “deleted”.
    right now I know,


    welcome to add more.

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  • TripH0P

    The initals “FB” is banned

    “KIK” is banned

    “Steroids” is banned for some reason lol


    Welp, if thats the case, work around the filter, thats what i did.

    Mechanic Pig

    Tweet, Twitter, @ and swear words are also profanity.


    Nothing new. If a game has that one thing that makes you think about “bad things”, it’s always going to be in-game chat (other than ads, obviously). Bonus points if the chat censors phrases featuring the “correct” string of letters.

    I don’t know how exactly the chat works here (because I’ll never install this game again), but in this kind of situations it’s better to have a 3rd party app to make things easier (e.g. Line).


    Using the term “small chest” instead of “common chest” is considered profanity. Funny how Rovio works and thinks.


    oh i saw your avatar Capt…suddenly i remembered the good old times of this forum and game when most of the players were active and helping each other and even sharing the glitches of the game and using them freely in the game until they patch some of them…your contributions to the forum were unforgettable…but they don’t care about humans here for them we’re only cash machines for this they invented this clan system to get more from us and without blinking an eye they started to trash the good old players those are using the glitches they left open because they can get more from junior and less powerful players they don’t want the clever ones do the job…don’t waste your breath here you are out of this league because you are too human for this system.

    Angry Beaver

    Funny that words “beer” and “sixpack” are profanity. What may be alternative word of “beer”?


    @sambeaver instead of beer, barley pop?


    “Tipsy” is apparently a profanity word. We have a clan member named Tipsy Sparrow. Now everyone calls her Tips, otherwise the message is deleted.


    “got a strike” is banned. Gesus….


    even pecker is banned, while every pretty bird has one


    “bar” is banned


    @Yue, “got a strike” is banned, because “got” is banned.


    it’s worse. Our clan is made up with players from a single country, and the filter occasionally triggers on our writing :)

    Thankfully Facebook in our language is not a trigger word.


    I had a message banned for writing Rovio.

    AimShoot Eagle

    It’s annoying that other languages are affected too.

    ‘Hoe’ means ‘How’ in Dutch, but can’t pass the profanity test.

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