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  • We normal players need to boycott these price increases totally ridiculous,the 232 pack went from 18000 coins to 23000!!! Even the 5 pack 450 to 575!!! Email Rovio and voice your displeasure if enough do they should get the message THX

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  • Argon

    This game has become so much pay-to-win, it’s ridiculous. And the new sounds are awful, too.


    @argon thanks for the reply it used to be fun but I agree  it’s now pay or be at the bottom there is on player that has 500,000 Wingman ‘s  yes half million  how is the average player soposed compete with that kind of stacked deck 😠







    The packs went up in price because the new boom box power-up has been added. The price per power up is the same.


    @ karlkauffman im well aware of that ,the increase is way to much in my opinion


    After the last update of Friends Tournament I did, I deleted the game, playing with the sound off is not as fun, reeaaaaly HATE the new sounds, cheap and nasty….If it’s not broken…


    I just paid $200 via 8 $24 purchases to restock my powerups (I used to pay $80 for same).  The $80 purchase went away after a 180% price increase.  This is no longer worth it.  I was paying about $200 a month in powerup purchases.  Now I’m done and will be  paying $0 going forward.


    I agree Thx


    It’s beyond ridiculous. They’re catering to the addicts & cheats, no one else can win, or even get close. I’m shocked that anyone pays out hundreds for a game. But to have a chance at the 1000 coins you must use about 12-1500 coins min.

    i just played thru T-833 with NO pu’s, about 6 hours. Diamond 7. I Did very well I thought.

    im in 18th!

    I sure can’t spend hundreds on a single game. & wouldn’t if I could, Rovio is FAR too greedy to condone.
    Guess I better find cheats or pick another game.

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