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  • Hi all, considering the impact of this, we’d like everyone to have a look out for players you find familiar on your leaderboards. Apparently our progress could be kept on different boards at the same time, while you are not playing on those boards. You don’t understand what I mean? Okay, here it comes:

    This is the board I was playing last week:
    Diamond win.png

    Apparently, @mingkee27 had me on his board at the same time. My scores were the same on both boards, but I only knew about the first one.

    Other board before the end.jpg

    @larry @bubbley @renitz, and @dallasreds have similar experiences.

    I would like to know if you recognize this or if you have seen anyone on your board who might be playing on another as well.

    So far we have found the following players confirmed on multiple boards:
    911: Week 10 Platinum/Platinum
    AAG: Week 04 Gold/Platinum

    (me): Week 09 Diamond/Diamond
    M1kel24: Week 09 Diamond/Diamond, Week 10 Silver/?
    Vitaly98: Week 10 Platinum/Silver

    : Week 09 Platinum/Diamond (he never actually *played* in diamond)

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  • MVNLA2

    Not sure how we would know unless we all post our entire board each week. I will post mine later, but I’m in stone league, and I don’t know if anyone else active in this forum is.

    — I think the first board above is not the one you meant to post???


    My board from last week. Notice m1kel24 at the top.


    Here he is again on another diamond league board last week.


    and this week I see him in the silver league.


    @mvnla2, Thanks. Just updated it.

    @mvnla2, good point. Was wondering about that myself. If anyone has any ideas about figuring out how wide spread this is, let us know.

    If this happens widely, this arena is not only bugged, but also rigged. I find that concept even worse than cheaters…


    I don’t like playing a crooked wheel either, and this may shed some light as to the reason they can’t just “Ban” the cheaters or delete their accounts. And the effect of each cheater is thus magnified as they aren’t just ruining the game for 14 other people but perhaps 28 or more depending on how pervasive this is. !@#$%^&

    @tigerussell, Perhaps a sidenote, but I was wondering why so many were getting the same cheaters (they got all the attention in here), while I never shared my league with anyone from my FB friends list.

    I hate to jump to any conclusions, but could that be by design to prevent people finding out?


    I trying to get screenshot, i got Vitaly98 in my platinum league with 18050 points
    sreenshot silver t_russel

    @larry Here it is!!

    Think about it, if the cheaters with the altered score million+ weren’t there in the beginning, no one would be focused on this, taking screenshots etc. So this wouldn’t have been detected, again statiscally, the chance to notice this within a small friend group, i don’t dare to guess how low.


    @larry I only have six fb friends who are 41 and in diamond. I havent been in a league with any. I also havent seen any other nesters. I think maybe to dilute the problem they decided to spread it around? We all assumed assumed boards were created as people joined but I think that may never have been the case. There is a large scale manipulation at work here and we dont really nlknow the reason. I doubt it will be to the players benefit in any case.


    @renitz @larry I wonder which is the real score. I mean real to the person playing. Does the masquerade run uphill or down. Unbelievable.


    @tigerussell @larry I think downhill, vitaly98 will be in platinum, so he will get more points there then the players in silver would. So extra stimulant for the silver players to play more. That is why they changed the point rewards on the wheel. Of course depending on how much he would play in platinum. If he’s competetive or not.

    Wow, this looks really really bad!

    Forget about the cheaters, Rovio itself is the culprit here…

    @dallasreds, do you happen to have a screenshot of your last week’s league? You mentioned you were in Silver and showing up on @bubbley’s board? Were your scores identical on both boards?


    @madpearl do you have any of last week. Id be interested in comparing them.


    I am reposting this from a post I made in the Cheaters forum a few days ago. Maybe this will confuse us more or provide some more insight.

    Something odd I noticed about the scores of M1KEL24 on your leaderboards.

    On londojowo’s boards he goes from 91,440 (4 days to go) to 99,340 (3 days to go).

    On tigerussell’s boards he goes from 57,380 (5 days to go) to 81,840 (4 days to go) to 101,785 (4 days to go).

    So he appears to have a lower score on londojowo’s board at a later time (3 days to go) compared with his score on tigerussell’s board (4 days to go).


    @larry last week I was in Diamond at the start the board was not full. When it filled @dallasreds appeared in it. However he never saw himself in my league. I have a number of screen shots. I will put them in my album.

    If it’s of any help I played M1KEL24 today in diamond league.


    My board after completing my first set of objectives last night. It is fully populated with null scores. Before the update if I was by myself there wasn’t anyone else on the board at all. It was like this until some time after my second set of objectives were completed.




    My full board for other people to check against.


    Just to check, I have @mightyred in first place on my board currently. Any chance you see me down around 3 or 4? I missed my chance at objectives yesterday with my Mom-in-Law’s birthday party. The sacrifices we make….


    Here is the link to the first of three screenshots of everyone in my stone league.
    Stone 1.jpg


    My board at Platinum level.


    This already seems pretty suspicious. I do agree that having many people on many other leaderboards, sometimes not even in the same league, is very unreasonable. I don’t think that it will happen, but I have reasons for concern of the finishing data after Week 15 (maybe 14, that’s what is says on my device) placing me in…Stone League??? (I’m currently in Gold) as an erroneous result of the multi-league appeareances. Or does this happen with those with Facebook? (I actually don’t have a Facebook account to add friends!) I’ll try to get a screenshot of my leaderboard up soon so we can compare who had redundant entries. I think the fact that some people had solitary leagues could link to this…


    I have the achievement for finishing 1st in Diamond League even though I’ve never actually done that. Could this set up be a cause of getting the achievement if I happened to be on some other board where I was 1st.

    This looks a lot like the same multi board placements in events.


    @tigerussell @mimi27 @larry Just saw mimi27 screenshot and there’s another player.

    a) Vitaly98 also on silver league t_russel
    b) 911 also on platinum league mimi27



    @tomc the achievement itself doesn’t require to end week at first place in daimond league. You could get it even if you wer first for a moment.


    @renitz @larry that silver board I posted is @eric-santoso-180 we need him to post his whole board.

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