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  • What area you’re in and all your SS items.
    I am in 7-4 and my SS items are: Face paint (Chuck), Poker cards (Blues), Gold Kaijuu hat (Bomb), Laser Saber (Bomb) and Cleotropa Stick (Matilda).
    All of them are 2 stars except Face paint which is 3 stars (It was the first SS item I got after all).

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  • Mighty Red

    I’m on Snow Island level 8-9 at 100%, the whole game is 100% complete.
    If we’re talking about bird items with the SS rank, I have 5 of them: Golden Monkfish Hat (Red), Golden Kaiju Hat (Bomb), Golden Shell (Chuck), Golden Chuck Plate, and Face Paint (Chuck). Golden Kaiju Hat is 3-starred while the rest are 2-starred. Soon I’ll have the Golden Turtle Hat (Matilda) which I’ll also 3-star. I’d have more SS items if I were to spend my 142 gems, but I’m waiting for the right moment.


    I’m on Flower Island 6-6 and at 20%. The other previous levels has been completed with 3 stars. About all SS items I have, I have 6: Red’s Shuriken, Chuck’s Tomahawk, Chuck’s Chief’s Headress, Chuck’s Artist Mustache, Bomb’s Golden Kaiju Hat and Matilda’s Peacok Fan. I’m also going to have Golden Turtle Hat as well. Now excuse me, I have to back to the game and FIGHT!


    I’m on Western Island 7-6 and I have only 3 SS items: Cleopatra Stick for Matilda, Russian Hat and Poker Cards for the Blues. That’s all.


    I only have three at Flowers 6-6
    Chuck: Indian Chief Hat (defense)
    Stella: Toothbrush (weapon)
    Bomb: Gold Beast Hat (defense)
    Note: I didn’t buy gems.


    I’m on haunted island 5-7 and I have 3 SS items: Fireman hat (bomb), Pink Punk (chuck) and Peacock Fan (matilda), and they are all 3-star.

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