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  • Hello.

    Recently, i’ve went through a “trip down memory lane” of sorts, and have revisited the entire angry birds franchise. I’ve downloaded the PC Versions, but something was missing: when i first played angry birds, around 2010, i was doing it on my brother’s brand new iPhone 4. Sadly, he sold that thing ages ago, when he switched to Android, so i bought a used one on ebay, to try and replicate that old 2010 feel. I set it up, and knowing that Rovio removed the old games from the App Store, i immediately jailbroke it to allow installing apps outside of the app store. I did find old enough IPA files, but they still were too new to replicate the 2010 experience. I searched on the internet about other ways to download older versions of angry birds, but with no luck. I did find a method of downloading old apps through a Cydia tweak on the app store, but that assumes you have an old Apple ID and that the ID has angry birds already purchased on it, and since my brother lost his Apple ID when switching to android, i had to make a new one, without angry birds on it. The oldest IPA files i could find elsewere are from 2011-2012, so now i come to you guys for help.

    Is there any way to somehow add angry birds games to your purchased list manually? And if not, does anybody have old 2010 versions of angry birds backed up somewhere?

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