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  • Chucky

    Quite the roller coaster ride particularly when we briefly took the lead, then got slammed by another max flock player on your side

    /Mario approves, It was a great match!

    Get Shiggy with it, Na na na na na na na nana, Na na na na nana.


    Just wanna thank AB2DP-01 for this great fight also. We will meet again, that’s for sure. Congrats to your win, you had the better persistance this time. The fact that our clan has brought 4 members to score over 80 M is your credit only, thank you for that rivalry. I guess it’s based on mutual respect.  The same way I want to thank my clan, of course, for their endurance.  We once almost cracked you . This loss is gain in our philosophy. There are not so many clans out left  who come near our both strengths.  Respect


    Due to the ridiculous ban wave by the finnish greed company we have 3 ports open. Regular playing is desired. We need team players. Diamond clan with 20,657 clan power


    Open invitation to join ABNest3 clan #98826:

    FWIW Like many I have been searching for a clan in which at least a majority of members actually participate.  I hope that I haven’t presumed too much but I have just created a third nest clan.  There seems to be enough interest among members for another clan.  Please spread the word.  Thanks, Jim @jwgardenwiz


    @jwgardenwiz That’s awesome! We officially have a franchise going. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about clan organization etc. The folks at ABNest2 have cultivated an incredibly enjoyable team and we’d be happy to help where we can.


    I just join abnest3!


    Our CLAN called SLAYER in the United States has openings. Dead weight players got kicked for never playing, hurting the clan. We don’t care if you’re flock power is high or low, we just care you play at least the free plays when the free plays come up when you’re not at work, school, or sleeping. We also appreciate communication, especially if there’s a time you can’t for personal reasons, just communicate.

    So if you dont like the clan youre in or not in one yet, and if you’re looking for a clan that wants to win all the time, feel free to join. ID #7974.

    Join Us



    I am an active gamer with fp 470 and rising…play daily, all challenges and cvcs. My dream is to be on a top team whose members all contribute their fair share. My email is [email protected] if you ever have an opening for a player like me. Not a cheater.


    Hi old friends! “Angrybirdsnest2” is happy to be recruiting! This legendary clan has existed for over two years (see page 1) and we’d love to have new members. We are a diamond clan that finishes 100% the events (200, 400 and 600). We have full participation in Clan vs Clan but honestly the wins aren’t a guarentee these days. There is no required flock power for you to join, all we ask is that you participate in the events.

    The clan had moved a few times so disregard the ID# in the older posts. The current ID# is 152775


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Viewing 9 replies - 201 through 209 (of 209 total)
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