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  • Amazed to discover everything back to normal with new upgrade successful and original progress intact – playing in UK, just after 9pm. Too late to salvage arena – problably going down!

    PS. As expected demoted to Emerald league, but why are all the other players from Amethyst and even one from Diamond? Might as well still be in Amethyst!

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  • MG516

    Thanks for the heads-up @djangosmum — I had given up hope of seeing this resolved before next week. I am playing in the US and everything is also intact for me. Cheers!


    Yup, just started working for me too. Slow loading screens, and I was briefly by myself on my arena leaderboard before it reverted to normal, but at least it’s working.


    I’m up and running too now, but I noticed on the update list of magical things included with this update was “Daily Challenges”, anybody seen this yet???


    I think we have experienced an Easter miracle! The upside down levels in the arena was a nice addition. Happy Easter to everyone. Thanks to @djangosmum for the update.


    I’m back too. I live in Canada. Arena has a new look. Now you can pay gems to extend matches. I don’t think I’ll be playing anymore.


    So apart from a free bird with a video you can play on with 60 gems in the arena. Which basically means that if you don’t want to pay then you are guaranteed to lose every game. Mmmmmm

    Also, I never did it, but you could pay 12 gems to get another entry into the arena. Now there is another sign which I’m afraid I don’t understand what it means.

    Maybe someone can enlighten me?

    Just played two games and lost heavily. Last Thursday I was top if my league. I’m now 6th. I lost those games to guys with cards of higher value than mine. Seems as if there are now some inequalities going on. Probably an attempt to get us to pay more.

    Who would have thought?

    Delano Jennings

    Almost wish it wasn’t working. HATE changes! New levels sucks but Arena has been changed. No more 12 gem replays. Now u have to buy arena tickets 3 for 8 gems. That’s double what it use to be. They are just doing updates to add ways to get every nickel they can from us!

    Between the ads and now this I’m close to just deleting the app. Already annoyed after spending last 3 days trying to get app to work after update.

    ALSO since the update fiasco, I went from 1st place in my tourney to 5th place! How does that happen if everyone else wasn’t able to play either?? Finally got it to work with hour left in tourney. Got 2 plays to make up pts. Then the 80 gem arena ticket scam. Even if u win the tourney, u only get 100 gems. So it’s like making 20. Get anything less than first and you lost money. I’m actually even tired of having to vent my frustrations on this forum. DAMN YOU ANGRY BIRDS!


    @delano-jennings – those that didn’t update have been playing the arena as normal. I’ve gone from 4th to 1st.

    Not sure if I want to update now it’s fixed after reading done of the comments. It doesn’t look like I’m missing anything but more pay to play.

    Delano Jennings

    @aeshna u r not missing anything but BS! U get limited plays in arena and have to pay 80 gems for 3 arena tickets. Ur lucky u didn’t update. I wish I set it not to update automatically. But between the arena changes and headaches with updates I think I’m done with the the game. Just getting too annoying & levels almost require you to buy extra birds or extras to beat them.

    FYI-I ended up in 4th place in the last tourney.

    Good luck & congrats on not updating.


    I won my Diamond League!!! I was ahead by a big margin before Armageddon struck tho. I like that finally you can actually see your score and your opponent’s clearly. The gravity levels were cute.

    I think the extra birds at the end are more easily visible now but it will take a lot of playing to convince us they’re gone. We can hope.

    The 12 -> 20 ruby price hike and removal of extra Arena chance by watching an ad were not as welcome but oh well.


    Is that a typo – “3 goes for 8 gems” or is that 80 gems?


    I think it’s 80 :( but it seems watching an ad for an extra match seems to have returned.


    Well, yep, it’s working, but I have played the arena (which was reset by the way), and cannot win at all. I start out behind, and NEVER get ahead, despite playing in 6+ scenes, most where I did it with 1 or 2 birds. Only 1 person with any any cleared, and he has a score of *5*.
    Also, my 860+ bird coins are gone. They did add 100 (for the screw up, I assume). But big deal.


    I thought my gems were gone too, but it now shows the number of tickets purchased. Touch the plus sign and your gem count should then be shown. I didn’t use the extra plays when it was 12 gems so I certainly won’t be using them with the price increase. However, in four plays I have 33 stars, an average of 8 stars per play. Keeping my fingers crossed that trend continues.

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