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  • Hi All,

    My web application “AB Ranker” is now finished with beta testing.  It is an online tool that can help your clan with CvC, and make it more fun.  It is a tool that offers various reports that assign a simple rating (0-100) to every player in your clan based on their CvC score relative to their flock power.

    This tells you who may not be putting much effort into CvC, and it also tells you who is putting more effort, or who just is a high performer.  It normalizes the ratings, so a rating of 90 always means the same thing (excellent), not matter how high-scoring of a level it was. There is also reports that give you a clue on why your clan won or lost a battle.  Go to and log-in with facebook, and send me a PM with your clan Id and clan Name to get started!

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  • Buhbooh

    Battle ReportKey features:

    1. Keeps track of CUMULATIVE performance of all your members, and assigns an overall rating (0-100) of all your members!

    2. A battle report giving a simple color-coded rating and other stats for every member and every opponent for a CvC battle.

    3. A summary report for every battle that gives you clues on why your clan won or lost.. was it a fair match? Did the other clan just outperform you? Did your Tier 1 players just perform poorly? Etc.



    Does it work just by pulling data from Facebook? or you enter things manually?



    Rovio does not provide a way to pull data from the game (like other games do), so you do have to enter in the results each battle.  My app remembers the players in your clan after the 1st entry, so you don’t have to type in all your player’s names each time.


    Hi Buhooh,

    Thanks for sharing all your hard work with everyone. I have a couple questions that I guess I should know after playing for nearly a year. What does the S stand for after FP/s and what do you mean by “player counts by zone”? I am a co-leader of a clan that really plays for fun and I also happen to be one of the few people on the planet that doesn’t use FB so I won’t be able to use this but it sure seems interesting.



    It’s actually in reverse (it’s been corrected since I took the screenshot). The column is S/FP, which mean score to flock power ratio. It is the main component of determining the rating. It basically tells you how well someone scored relative to their flock power.

    Ratings are always between 0-100, and are assigned to 5 color zones – green (elite), blue (excellent), black (typical), yellow (below average), red (way below average). The numbers tell you how many players in your clan fell in each color zone. In the screenshot, you can see 2 players scored in the green zone.


    why login with facebook account?


    How do we DM you?

    Angry Turd

    @shane-boucvalt Lose the FB login requirement and I may consider taking a look.


    Facebook authentication is used for convenience of the users and me as a developer, as I don’t have to write an authentication system from scratch, and users don’t have to create an account – they just use their Facebook account.


    You can send me a private message at this forum, @rmanke

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