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  • Asen_77

    New place for bot at Speedsters and two new places for bots at Energized. On the two of them there is sign Coming Soon!


    Got a brand new Daily Quest item: “Open 5 Crates”

    I need a facepalm emoji.


    Got a brand new Daily Quest item: “Open 5 Crates”

    With the prize of a whopping 5000 coins for doing it.


    They’re basically forcing us to use up coins if we want to complete the dailies.


    @optimuspig Other than that blasted “You’ve reached your limit” thing that annoys me to no end, we finally have a proper reason to use our coins. I am amazed how late in the game’s life cycle they introduced a gacha element when almost all games have such a thing nowadays.


    Is it only the purchased crates (the steel and gold ones) that count towards the quest or do any other crafts count? My crate limit is maxed out and  when that happened it gave me 1day6hours until a recharge (about 1am pdt) which means I can’t complete the quest in time unless I can use other chests. I am not spending 1000 gems.


    I have next question – if you use all possible coins to spin ( 50 spins 750k coins per day ), and you randomly receive upgared for accsesories, at some time you will upgrade all that can? Then what are we going to receive only coins, pigs, sparks and tokens. And how the things are going, this could happened lets say a month from now. But at least really proper reason to spend 750k coins every day, which is not bad for us that are playing from a very long time and have already milions of coins.


    Did anyone has information how many levels could be add to accsesories upgrades?


    Um, “open 5 crates” in the Daily Quest…do the creators of this game even play it?  That is about as smart as slapping yourself in the face…


    Hmm, it would be nice if accessories were upgradeable with tokens…


    @asen I asked this to @lewie4 on your thread but he didn’t respond. :(


    Lets hope he will …


    Today Unicron run




    No comment!


    @sntrooper I will try to grab a screenshot next time.


    If open 5 crates becomes a standard daily challenge like thank 5 buddies, it may be a sign for me to give this game up.  I can’t get new bots in events because I Dont have time to play constantly and I refuse to spend money on this game since they force ads on me every other mission.  Making me spend 60000 coins a day to get 400 sparks, a few gems and tokens may be the last straw.

    Well this just won’t due I now to open 5 chest to complete my daily quest,  but it won’t let me open any more chest till after midnight tonight making my daily quest void.

    so unless I buy gems to open up more crates because it’s not possible to earn enough gems to play this game.

    And the new character.


    If the free crates can let me have more than 400 sparks a day, then that’s great. Save me having to play to get daily rewards everyday.


    i gotta say that rovio has finally made a good, awsome, and full update. good job rovio :)

    well besides all the bugs every update has.

    Luis C.

    Free gem crate content was the same for everyone I thinkg, I got EXACTLY the same things as @optimuspig

    after playing a few nodes i deside to keep my distance from the game i would say that it’s nice the new update but the energonicon that was gining nice money / coing goldsomething (i can’t remember the name) is been nerfed? Sorry fixed i mean.

    Because this ain’t work as it used to be. With 3 energon cubes on it can’t multiply as it used to be. And also i feel like the game is now giving way much less money in an node that i tryied.

    Anyway i am out! Good luck people!


    Wait, so the new character is just Energon Windblade? She better not cost 10000+ tokens to unlock…

    i played with the 1.29.x vs and indeed the game in nodes give way less money from before also before if you hit an EMP missile the example a missile of gold it will not count and the money / coins from that gold missile won’t summurize. Also i saw that all the pieces is now at 1 coin. Before 1 stone block costed 3 coins and 2 coins the wooden block and 1 coin the ice/glass block. now all are at 1 coin. The price of each pig remained at 5 coins per pig.


    I have the same annoying “5 chests” quest that cannot be completed. For each good change there must be a bad collateral effect.


    Wow, 25 spins (combination of AG+2xAC and 3xAC) and I only hit gems ONCE.


    I bought EGL’s “Monocole” accessory (incendiary rounds) for 550 gems.

    Completely useless.  Don’t bother.

    Doesn’t do anything except make pretty flames on the screen.

    There’s none of the continuous damage that you would see with acid rounds.

    Is this a JARSU, or am I missing something?

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