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  • Since this update screen starts up and logs in, then that’s it – reverts to home screen on my I-pad so unable to play! Ironic when the update claims to improve load time and beat ‘pesky bugs’ plus there is a new chapter Gravity Grove. Hope others can access this and tell me what I am missing…

    Just checked iPad for software updates and realised had yet to install iOS 9.3 so thought that’s probably the answer. Now installed but problem remains as above.

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  • dmsral

    Yes, same thing happened to me. Do not install!


    I notice Rovio have included ‘daily challenges’ not for the feint hearted. Probably a video viewing challenge. See how many mind numbing adverts you can watch!

    Has anyone successfully installed this new update? And if so what device are you using.

    I’m too feint hearted to try and install it on my IPhone5.

    It must be a major update, as normally the levels just appear automatically every other Thursday.


    @bankler – looks like you have a problem!

    Would this be caused by the lack of play testing for the game?

    It seems AB2 lurches from one problem to another.

    I’d like to thank those who reported the problem as they’ve saved others from making the same error.


    For those of you who have installed that latest update and been frozen out, I was able to correct the same issue (pre-update) by uninstalling, then reinstalling the game last week.


    Crap, I should have read this before going ahead and trusting that Rovio would have their act together before updating. I wouldn’t be surprised if my progress and gems are all gone too.

    And for the record I personally would rather see the cartoon version of the splash screen than those ugly CGI dolls. Just sayin


    I Was nervous about unistalling/reinstalling, but had nothing to loose as I couldn’t play. All my achievements and progress were retained.


    My app auto updated. :(

    Bleh, I can go without playing the game for a while anyway. There’s so many problems I can easily do without.

    And Rovio, this right here is pure, hard as a rock evidence that your updates are NOT tested before release. Very unprofessional…


    Sounded like a good plan so I tried it, deleted and re-installed. Sadly it did not work, using ipad air 2, still wont load ? Oh well, they will fix it. Eventually.


    @abeggertoo did you uninstall from FB, the mobile, iTunes panel, or all?


    sorry @nsar I had hoped it would work.

    My son just installed AB2 last week and the game updated automatically overnight. He is able to play the latest update, although he is just at level 15 and hasn’t been given access to the Arena as of yet.

    He is playing on an iPad mini running iOS 9.2.1

    I am not certain how the update is working for him as we are in Canada.


    I uninstalled the app from the home screen (hit the X to uninstall) then reinstalled from the App Store.

    It was pre 2.6.1 update. If it’s not working for others in this scenario, I may not risk it.


    I managed to install new 2.6.1 update without problems. Using iPad 3 with iOS 9.3.


    @abeggertoo – I re-installed from itunes, turned off/on. I may try again later if I have time but my experience is if people ‘squawk’ enough they fix it, at least in ABTF which seems to bug with most updates.


    @circlerev – thanks for the info. Hopefully that will work for others using same o/s and device.

    I do notice it is Easter in Finland this weekend, so Rovio may be closed from Thursday evening till Tuesday morning. So, it’s very possible a lot of people will not be playing AB2 this weekend, unless Rovio get their fingers out and repair their flawed update.

    Old Man Bird

    I have the same problem but I am on an Android. Freezes at login screen. Have tried shutting down, restarting and reinstalling to same results. Ironic that “faster load times and less bugs” leads to not being able to play. If anyone successfully opens and plays, please describe new levels (pictures if possible) and change to Arena. Spent alot of money on AB2 to lose all progress, but login Facebook and Google, so hopefully it is preserved.


    I managed to open the updated version of the game both from my lg magna and my lg gpad V480. There are a few notable changes in the game. The new levels use special platforms that change the gravity of a structure allowing it to hang from the ceiling. In the arena the player can now see the opponnent’s bird line up. There are new daily challenges where the player has to beat 3 levels in a row the third one being a boss fight. If you lose in one you have to restart all of them. If you win you get a big treasure chest two spells and 100 feathers for a random bird. Also the loading times are increased and sometime the game closes and restarts on it’s own. An other awsome feature by rovio!!! That is all the new things rovio added to the game. I hope you all manage to enjoy the game.


    Same here installed ,but won’t open


    Same problem on my iPhone 5 and my iPhone 6


    I agree with @flingmaster on the increase in loading times. I am running the pre- and post-update versions side by side on iPad minis and although the loading times vary widely every time, the 2.6.1 load times seem to be slower – certainly not faster. The new version has also failed to load three times and the game has crashed twice in about 30 minutes of playing.


    @bankler — Thank you Rovio for the tough love approach to AB 2 addiction — releasing an update that forces lots of people to quit the game. AB2 started by crashing and going back to startup screen. I uninstalled and re-installed (after hard-closing everything and doing a real hard shutdown and restart of iPad Air 2 with max capability as of 1 yr ago or less); stalls half-way through starting-up bar. This time I just let it sit, and now it says connecting error — progress maybe, or maybe not. Seems that AB2 is crashing when trying to log in, and it fixes it so none of my programs can access the internet. Got the internet back by turning it off and back on in settings. Still crashes during attempt to log in, even though I went through all of the above except for a new reinstall.
    Please let us know when you get this fixed.
    BTW — Should you get it fixed in the near future, I sure hope I get promoted to Amethyst this week, because I was doing really well — solidly 3rd place in Emerald when this debacle happened.


    The AB2 feedbacks in Google play has a very long list of disappointed players regarding the latest update just for today. They’d better fix it pronto…


    Just tried uninstalling, reinstalling.

    Got a quick glimpse at the game…. it opened once but I’m back at square 1, Vanilla league, gems reset, new player status.

    Tried shutting down and re-opening. Back to crashing on splash screen. Nice job Rovio, enjoy your holiday weekend.




    Rovio: Are you SERIOUS!!!
    Everyone knows that you do know about this problem hours ago.
    Isn´t time to make a statement???
    Giving advice to user´s problems?
    Fix the problems?
    Or are you basking in the sun in some beach enjoying you easter vacation?

    BTW, cannot install it either.


    Yup. A big fat fail for me too. Keeps quitting. Happy Easter, everyone!

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