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  • 20Qmindreader

    @optimuspig somehow my account was caught up in it after I made the thread and made the report. I haven’t been able to,post because my account has been restricted and also, all my ABN friends were removed. Not sure why, but I’m posting to find out if the restrictions have been removed.

    “Did anyone else get mega-spammed by comment notifications on comments that @20qmindreader had tagged you in over three years ago?”


    I gathered 7,500 tokens and used them to open some Gold crates.

    10 Gold crates from When Pigs Fly! event


    I have been playing for a few years now, every day, every event and have never spent a penny on this game. Always done my daily spark challenge and missions, always bought full sparks before anything else in every event, never wasted diamonds on anything and stockpiled and because of this……. when the eggspark sales came about i was able to buy 600,000 sparks combined from both sales and cleaned out all my diamonds. Now imagine how many sparks the people bought with diamonds from the glitches that used to happen before i started playing or from somehow cheating to get diamonds and never being caught or even just people blowing money on the game.

    I have 3 green crowns, Nautica, Dead End and Starscream

    Barricade 190%, Nemesis Prime 185%

    Red crowns with Ultra Magnus, Soundblaster, Energon Grimlock, Airachnid, Trypticon, Nemisis Hot Rod

    Energon Megatron 175%, Sideswipe 175%

    Gold crown Thundercracker

    Alpha Trion will be my next spark spending spree when they add a new character to his clan and i am almost back up to 3,000 diamonds since the last eggspark promo and will get another 150,000 sparks when that pops up. So i could green crown him right away.

    This event alone, i got no worse than 3rd place any day with a couple firsts, upgraded Thundercracker to level 17, bought 11 gold crates and got 5,400 sparks, bought my 2,750 event sparks and will have 2,500 tokens left over to buy gold. Lots of time and effort gets you far in this game. 6 day event, add in the daily spark challenge and always getting 4 out of 5 for 2010 sparks, plus whatever from opening daily steel crates and i cleaned up around 22,000 sparks in just 6 days.

    Having all this hardly means a cheater, could very well just be someone like me who has played for a few years or longer, very regularly and because of that has a lot of upgraded bots.


    Just finished the event. Besides not getting any of the end of day tokens earned, I had amassed over 6100 tokens. After I clicked on the reward for last day, I not only didn’t get the reward but my new token total was 3968 and not 6100. What a rip. Rovio needs to cough up more tokens for this glitch. The tawdry amount they gave is not enough.

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum New Event – When Pigs Fly

Viewing 4 replies - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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