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  • Poncho

    I’ve lost a bunch, too.  I know I easily should have gotten 8500 tokens by the time the event ends, but now that won’t be possible unless I spend a lot of gems.  Which I guess is the whole point.


    Same here. I lost every token earned during wood day. I’d even spent some gems to max out tokens. Well, there it went my chances of getting gold crates or an overpower.

    Hope it gets resolved, but a voice is telling me “no dice.”



    I’m expecting a bunch of “Sorry Tokens” which actually be less that the number of tokens lost.


    Well. There are still pigs and coins 😉


    1,500 apology tokens are now available. And I can’t say that @andrewinireland was wrong.



    Is the work experience kid running the current event. I am now down 3,600 tokens. The 2,600 tokens I earned by playing the challenge yesterday (wood block day) never got added and my 1,000 bonus tokens for 1st place today (gold brick day) failed to be added. With the 1,500 “apology” tokens as reported by @grimlockdown that still means I am down 2,100 tokens.



    I am also still down tokens after the “apology”.  Seems like a lame one.


    @grimlockdown, I’m psychic…


    I’m pretty sure that prize tokens from yesterday weren’t added to total token count 🤔


    Ranking points of yesterday weren’t added as well, another loss of 1k tokens, total 3.5k.


    Same here.  Leader board tokens from yesterday also not added.


    Yeah, I’m down nearly 4k tokens at this point. Normally it would be an issue, but of course this bug had to occur in one of the few times that there are accessories I wanted to buy.


    So No tokens for us? All tokens that were missing is just missing and won’t get back …


    I lost 1750 tokens on Wood block day (for getting go to the 150K+ tier).

    I lost another 1000 tokens for finishing 1st the next day.

    So I lost 2750 tokens.

    The “Easter” tokens (not sure why they’re called “Easter” tokens when they’re clearly apology tokens for the screw-up) gave me back 1500 tokens.

    Overall, I’m down 1250 tokens.

    Because of this screw-up, I’m short of my goal to get an Overpower, so my choices are to either: (1) spend more gems to make up the difference or (2) not spend $ because rewarding screw-ups sets a bad precedent.

    Guess which choice I made..

    (some of my previous post’s been deleted, not sure why.. so we’ll see if this one gets deleted..)

Viewing 14 replies - 26 through 39 (of 39 total)
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