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  • Bonus Squad: Specialists

    Breakdown, Nightbird, Cliffjumper and Blurr in exchange with their accessories

    One Transformer and no energonicon

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  • GrimLockdown

    There is a mention/warning of Unicron in the event banner. I have already had two Unicron runs but previously in similar kind of events Unicron has been quite scarce after a day or two.

    If you use Breakdown you kind of get an energonicon 😉


    Token amounts have been greatly reduced. Going from 100,000 points to 200,000 points only gets you 250 more tokens. F this crap. No reason to do challenge runs. Gold boxes are useless now, no sparks to buy, and now making it take lots of gems to get the tokens to buy an overpower. Yes, they actually made it even worse now.


    @boz That token amount and points has been that way for all pigs and balloon pigs days for quite a long time. As far as I know there hasn’t been any changes in points and how they convert to tokens between this new and the old version.


    Hmmm, guess I forgot about that. Thanks


    Everything in the game has been devalued, including (and most importantly), game players time/loyalty.


    @exientgreg Well this event has suddenly become a waste of time and gems. I was sitting on 5,500 tokens and finished 1st. After collecting tokens I expect to see 6,500 tokens and instead I am looking at an amazing total of 100 tokens. Could someone please explain what has happened?


    Happy Easter ;)
    So that makes no sense… game data for this event looks fine from here (about tokens)…
    Can you please report to customer service please? They should be able to follow your transactions and see where the tokens went. Sorry


    All my tokens have disappeared. I had 3900, finished 3rd, so should have 4400. But now 0 🙁


    Grrr my tokens are gone as well, missing at least 7000 tokens!! Please fix this Rovio or compensate!!


    Mine are showing low too. At this moment shows 600.


    Check the token exchange – In my case at least, “missing” tokens gained thus far are present there, and are spendable. Tokens gained today appear to be counted separately, and are not (yet) spendable in the current event.


    Same same o and crash then crash


    as Fred said… tokens earned today from challenge milestones aren’t adding correctly but leaderboards should, will be compensated.. :) sorry. FYI your tokens will return to normal tomoz and you can see are safe in the token exchange screen



    OK thank you, and indeed I see my tokens at the token exchange!


    Same here. I had 3600 and after the first run tonight they were gone. Looks like I am starting from scratch.


    Tokens earned todate (over 6500) gone! Missing! Why?


    1500 tokens vanished during the change over 10 minutes ago bloody rip off this latest version


    Same thing happened to me. I have 4650 unspent tokens visible on the exchange screen, and 600 I earned tonight that are on the main screen. Meaning my token total should be 5250, since I haven’t spent any.


    @exientgreg the tokens I earned today failed to add on. The 500 tokens I won for finishing 2nd have been added but not the 2,600 I got during the day.


    I’m experiencing the same issue with the token discrepancy.  What makes it exasperating is that I am attempting to earn 10,000 tokens to unlock Nightbird.  (I refused to pay 5000 gems the first time it was offered.  Likewise, I will not pay it this offering.)

    Have 4800 tokens in the exchange, which has not changed since Day 3 of the Paranoid Android event, and 1000 thus far during Day 4 of the event.   My Day 4 ends in slightly less than 8 hours.  I do not have faith in this being resolved quickly, resulting in my not unlocking Nightbird via tokens.


    See this is another reason I don’t spend money on this game.  Especially if they want to make this an expensive game with super premium monthly passes, they need to offer a stable game at the very least that isn’t constantly producing new bugs or reincarnating very old bugs that they’ve swept under the carpet over the years instead of fixing.


    Yup, today’s tokens aren’t adding to the exchange balance.


    Okay, my previous tokens have reappeared but I’ve lost all the tokens earned in the last 24 hours.


    Got my lost tokens back, only missing 3k tokens from yesterday. Can live with that, but do hope the 3k will be added later this week.


    Previous tokens restored plus 300 for 5th place but lost all tokens earned during the last 24 hours

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