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  • It’s time for a new event! The top prize is Greenlight.

    This event uses two TFs and an energonicon.

    Special features: special TNT boxes (at least poison and implosion)

    The event banner for Greenlight

    The bonus squad is Support (18), consisting of Warpath (21), Drag Strip (63), Greenlight (75) and Grapple (109).

    All these TFs are in the exchange with accessories.

    Have fun and good luck!

    PS. The number (in parentheses) after the TF and squad names are their (respective) Spark Run ranking.

    Previous event in which Support was bonus squad.

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  • deindiaan

    A nice 2 bot event🙂🙏


    Day 1: TNT boxes
    Day 2: Glass blocks
    Day 3: TNT boxes
    Day 4: Balloon Piggies
    Day 5: Sharktihogs
    Day 6: Wood boxes


    Unbelievable! 2 TF’s event and not for a Prime pass TF’s! I almost forgot, what is this …


    New-ish F2P player (level 281) without any from Support squad. Is it worth dropping 750 crystals on a character here? (Warpath?)



    Warpath is a nice one to have, but better keep those 750 gems for a better one. Warpath is useless for for sparkrun.


    <p style=”text-align: right;”>@deindiaan</p>
    Thanks! If Dirge comes up I’d grab him for sure.


    I don’t know what my crystal priorities should be. I have about 1,400 right now. Top characters now are Nightbird & Energon Starscream, both L12 w best accessories maxed.

    I don’t have any combiner/oversize TFs, haven’t unlocked Jungle or 3rd SR slot.



    I would spend the gems on 3th sparkslot, but that’s just my opinion. What do other people think is the best gem strategy?

    And I should rather level up bots with crystals then spending them upgrading accessoires.


    @noahlot, to make any progress in the game you’d need sparks to have your bots promoted. If I were you, I’d keep the gems (and collecting them) until there is a chance to get a sparkworthy bot (much needed to get sparks). See link above to get a ranking of  all the bots based on their worthiness in the spark run. Also, search the forums for spark run killers.

    Beware, once you start purchasing bots at 750 gems, the price is likely to increase anytime in the future. My last bot offer stood at 5000 gems.


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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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